How To Do An Egg Cleanse {3 Easy Methods}

How To Do An Egg Cleanse

Egg cleansing is a way to reduce stress and get away from all the negative energy. Here are all the methods and the results of all the methods of egg cleansing. Make sure you use them properly.

To learn how to perform an egg cleanse?

Egg Cleanse

Egg cleanse is a method that is used to get rid of the negative energy of the body. People perform this very often when they catch an evil eye. It is believed that the egg takes all the bad luck and bad energy away. And it allows the positive energy to flow into your body. So the question that arises here is how to do an egg cleansing. Here is all that you need to know about the egg cleansed performance. We have listed all possible methods of egg cleanse.

How does egg cleansing work?

Egg cleansing is done with the help of raw eggs. This is a cultural thing hence people are performing this for a very long time. It is believed that the raw egg has no life. And you can transfer your bad vibes into that egg. It is believed that eggs will absorb all the toxic energy that you emit and hence you will reuse all stress.

How to perform an egg cleanse?

There are plenty of available methods. Here is the list of some very effective egg cleanse methods.

Method-1: With salt and lemon

Mix salt with lemon

Take a glass of water in a big bowl. Then, You can add some lemon juice and water to it and mix well. Make sure you squeeze the whole lemon into the bowl. Now put the egg into that water and rub it gently. Do not crack the egg while rubbing. While rubbing says the things that you want to get over. Now, put the egg in the clean water bowl and after washing dry with the help of a towel. This is pretty much what you need to do.

Method-2: Rub the egg over your body

Another method that is in use very vividly is to rub the egg all over the body. It is believed that by doing this the egg will absorb all the negative energy. Make sure you rub on the problematic areas. For example, if something is bothering you and due to taking it you are having a headache. Then rub the egg over your head. Do not try to rub from head to toe. Because this may break the egg in between. People beehive that when the egg breaks during the egg cleanse process it is because it absorbs more negative energy.

Method-3: Glass method

Egg Cleansed Glass Method

Take a  glass of water and fill the glass with ⅓ rd. make sure you take the water that is at room temperature. Let the room temperature water heat a little. And cleanse your egg with it. Now place the egg within your palms and gently rub it. Think about the thoughts that are worrying you while doing this. Now place the egg again in the glass.

How to check the result of the egg cleanse?

Now that you have done the egg cleanses let’s check the results now. Some signs show different meanings. For example:

1) If the egg water smells bad after the egg cleansing then it shows that there are bad spirits around you.

2) If the egg water depicts bubbles in the glass then it shows that the egg has absorbed your negative energy.

3) Spikes around the egg shows that the people around you are bad and want to harm you.

4) If you are seeing egg whites then it means you have an enemy that lives near you.

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