How To Do A Hot Rail {Help Guide}

How To Do A Hot Rail {Help Guide}

Here is how you can do the hot rail. This is a way to smoke meth. Meth is among the most powerful drugs. There are different ways to use meth but hot rail is the most common.

 To Learn How To Do A Hot Rail?

Meth addiction is very common these days. Meth is a type of smoking but it is more dangerous than usual smoking. Also, the effects of hot railing meth are more serious than normal smoking. Smoking meth is not an ordinary thing because meth smoking involves heating. So here is the tutorial for how to do a hot rail.

Most people do not know how to smoke meth. So here is the step-by-step tutorial for you. If you are looking for some ways to smoke meth then you are at the right place. Read till the end to know more about meth smoking.

What Is Hot Rail Meth?

Meth is a powerful drug. A small quantity of meth is enough to get you high. It is also among the most expensive drugs too. Some people smoke and take meth in different ways. This is also known as meth abuse. Some people eat and some smoke meth.

Hot rail is a method that is used by people to smoke meth. It is different from the common smoking method. Hot railing methods make you higher than the usual meth smoking. That’s why hot railing is a more famous method for smoking meth.

Things Required To Do Hot Rail

There are a bunch of things that you will require to do the hot rail method. You can find most of the stuff at your home. And some of the stuff is easily available at the nearby local store. So make sure that you pile all the stuff together before starting this process.

Now, these are some simple things that you will require to do the hot rail method. Make sure that you do not skip a single thing.

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Steps To Do The Hot Rail Method

Here are some steps that you will follow to do the hot rail method. There is no particular danger involved in this process. So you can do this alone too. Just make sure that you have some capacity to handle the meth. Otherwise, take help from your friends to check on you after smoking.

  • Drop some meth in the glass tube. Just a pinch is enough. Or you can select the quantity according to your use.
  • Now use your lighter to heat the tube.
  • Heat until the tube becomes red. As soon as the tube becomes red smoke will start to come from the tube.
  • Now place one end of the tube to your one nostril and inhale.
  • Do not inhale with force. Try to take small inhales.

This is the whole process of doing hot railing. There are other ways to smoke meth too. But commonly hot rail is used in every part of the world. Make sure not to skip a single step in the process. Be careful with the lighter. Hold the hot tube with the test tube holder only. Otherwise, there is a chance that you might burn your hand.

Precautions To Take While Hot Rail

There are some precautions that you should take while following this method. Always use the test tube holder while smoking. If you have done with one round then clean the test tube first and then start with the new batch. Do not place the hot tube in the running water. First, wipe the black sh inside the tube with the help of tissue paper and then let the tube cool. once it is cooled enough, place it inside the water and clan.

Make sure that you use the dry glass tube only. Otherwise, time will not come out from the glass tube.


In conclusion, here is how to do hot rail. This is a very easy and common method to smoke meth. However, there are many harmful effects of meth on your body. Yet people choose to smoke meth. Meth is very expensive and a very strong drug. So if you are using this for the first time then use this in the limit. Start with the bare minimum quantity. Because it is hard to handle.

Take all safety precautions while smoking meth. This will serve as a full guide for you to smoke meth.

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