How To Disable Limp Mode Permanently?

How To Disable Limp Mode Permanently {Help Guide}

All you need to know about from this article is how to disable the limp mode permanently from your car. It’s a very simple guide to do this. If you’re doing this for the first time then you will face no problem.

How To Disable Limp Mode Permanently {Step By Step Guide}

As a matter of fact, Limp mode is among one the warning signs of the car. If the car is in limp mode then you will not be able to shift gears. So it is very helpful to turn on your limp mode. Whenever you try to speed and then suddenly you can not shift gear. After this, there will be a light indication on the car dashboard. This will help you avoid doing limp mode. Because now if you want to speed your car then you have to bypass the limp mode.

So here is the guide for how to disable limp mode permanently. Turning on limp mode is very easy. But most people do not know how to bypass this. So if you are in the same situation then read till the end.

Is It Possible To Avoid Limp Mode?

Yes, you can avoid limp mode and drive at speed. But there is a huge cost to avoiding limp mode. You can not run your car for more than 5 minutes. After 5 minutes you have to give your car a break. Because if you will speed in limp mode then it puts extra pressure on the engine. And if you run your car in that situation there is a high chance of the engine is damaged. So you have to give a break to the engine.

Steps To Bypass Limp Mode

Here are the steps that you will use to bypass the limp mode. Bypassing limp mode is easy but it takes a little time. So make sure you do this before or after driving. Also, try not to skip any step in this process. Take help from anyone if you are facing difficulty in doing this.

  • As soon as you will see the limp mode make sure to apply a break. This will ensure that you have stopped and seen the warning sign. After that leave, the engine turned on for 6 to 7 minutes.
  • Sometimes due to the excess engine oil, the limp mode activates. So after applying the break if you’re still seeing the limp mode then you can check for that. Try to remove the excess engine oil as soon as possible because it can lead to severe engine damage.
  • If you have time then you can apply this method. Turn off your car and park it on the side. After that, locate the car battery and disconnect it from the car. Now you have to wait for 35 minutes to restart the car. Only start the car after this time. Otherwise, you will see the limp mode on again within 5 minutes.

These are a few tricks that you can use to disable the limp mode. None of these are tough. Even if you are a beginner you can do this. And if the problem of limp mode persists then take your car to the mechanic. Because it might be the engine defect. So they will check the whole engine for you.

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Signs Of Limp Mode Damage

Here are some signs that you should check if you are continuously seeing the limp mode. These are the things that damage limp mode. So make sure that you look for these carefully.

  • When you suddenly find yourself locking in low gear. Then this is the indication of the limp mode damage.
  • If your car speed limit has been changed to 50 m per hour. This is the maximum speed that you can go if your limp mode has been damaged.
  • Other functions of the car like the air conditioning and heating stopped working. Then you should consider the limp mode damage sign.

All these are some obvious signs of the limp more damage. After our limp mode is damaged your car’s age starts to decrease. So make sure that you remove the limp mode from your car after it becomes damaged.

Cause For Limp Mode Damage

Here are some of the causes that can lead to limp mode damage. If you will avoid all these in the first place then you can save your limp mode from damage.

  • Both excess and low levels of engine oil in your car.
  • Any wiring issue in your car reads this.
  • If there is slight damage in your engine then you have to face the limp mode damage.
  • Break malfunction can lead to the damage of limp mode.

All these are some important causes of limp mode damage. Try to avoid these to aid the limp mode damage.


In conclusion, here is how you disable the limp mode permanently in your car. This way you can save your car engine. But as long as you have limp mode activated you will not be able to speed. So some people want to get rid of this. All the tricks to disable limp mode are mentioned here. So you can choose any of them. This will serve as a complete guide for you to disable your limp mode. All these tricks are very easy and you can do this without hesitation. Even beginners can disable the limp mode.

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