How To Delete Stocktwits Account {Help Guide}

Feature Image- How To Delete Stocktwits Account {Help Guide}

The direct deleting option on StockTwits is not available. you need to email the StockTwits app team and request them to delete your account. this is the only option.

Stocktwits account deleting procedure

StockTwits is an online site that provides all related info about stocks. The content on this website is all related to stocks and their real-time up and down. This website was founded in 2008 by Lindzon and sore Macbeth. Initially, this website did very well and Howard Lindzon and Soren earned a lot of profit but these days the website is going downwards. So more and more people want to delete their accounts from this website. It also has its own app and on the app, you can also find some paid products or services however most of the services are free.

To Learn the Steps For How to delete StockTwits account?

Making an account on this app is a piece of cake. You just need to enter the email address. And you will be good to go. While trying to delete your StockTwits account you will notice that the delete option is not available on the app. The deleting process is different here.

You will need to do email spamming the StockTwits team to delete your account. In order to contact the StockTwits email support team, you can just send an email to

Step-1: First of all, you can open your email account, the account that is registered on the app.

Step-2: Then, you can go to “compose an email”. Now make an email with the proper subject and content and request to delete your account from their database. You will need to be specific about the reasons for deleting that count. So don’t try to fill the email with unnecessary data.

Step-3: Complete this email and enter. Sending an email is easy to work however it will require time to respond to them. They will delete your account by sending an email with the proper information.

In case of a hurry, you can also reach them on online social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  Of course, StockTwits account deletion is possible through this online method. You can try sending them a few emails and when they will remove your account they will let you know through email as well. No other option on cancelling the account is available so try this.

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