How To Delete Secret Benefits Account?

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In this article, I’ll share with you how to delete a secret benefits account. Secret Benefits is an online dating service that helps people connect with others and form relationships.

To Learn How To Delete/Deactivate Secret Benefits Account Easily?

Step-1: Visit the website and log in with your credentials. After you are on the homepage, click on your thumbnail image in the upper-right corner of your screen.

Secret Benifits Profile Thumpnail Image Screen

Step-2: Now, from the options available, choose the setting button.

SB Settings Option

Step-3: Once you are on the setting page, you’ll have a different option under many banners.

Step-4: Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the account management button in the lower-left of your screen. Wait for a few seconds for the button to deactivate your account to appear. Alternatively, you also can double-click on account management to make the deactivate option appear.

Secret Benifits Account Management Link

Deactivate My Account Link

Step-5: Once you click on the deactivate button, you’ll be redirected to a new page. Here, you have to choose the appropriate Reason why you decide to deactivate Your secret benefits profile. You could also provide some feedback, but that’s optional. Now, you have to enter your account password before you finally deactivate your account completely.

Choose the proper reason why delete secret benifits account and proceed deactivate my account button

Step-6: Once you click on the deactivate button, you’ll be redirected to a new page that will confirm that your account has been deleted.

Account Deactivated Acknowledgement Screen

To learn how to hide secret benefits accounts?

Suppose you do not want to delete your profile straight out and just need some time to get the steam off. You can hide your profile, which will make your profile disappear from the searches and remove your recommendation from others’ profiles. And after some time, when you would like to make your profile reappear, you can easily do so with a few clicks.


Follow the above method till STEP 2 or until you are in the setting option. Once you are in the following, you can proceed with these steps that I have mentioned below.

Step-1: Once you are in the Setting Option, scroll down to the PRIVACY banner and look for the hiding MY PROFILE BUTTON underneath different options.

Hide My Profile Link

Step-2: Click on the button, and it will redirect you to a new page. Here it will confirm if you want to HIDE YOUR PROFILE. Just click on the pink button to confirm the same.

Hide My Profile Button Screen

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