How To Delete Messages On Instagram From Both Sides?

How To Delete Messages On Instagram From Both Sides

Instagram is a platform where we can send and receive messages from both ends. But sometimes we send some embarrassing messages and want to remove those from both ends. So here is the guide for how to delete messages on Instagram from both sides. You can do this on Instagram. And can save yourself from embarrassment. 

The reason to remove a message can be many. But the process to do this process will remain the same. This feature was not present on Instagram in the past. But this has been updated recently. It is a very convenient way to do safe and secure chatting on this platform.

Things To Remember While Deleting Messages From Both Ends On Instagram

Here is one thing that you have to consider. Instagram does not allow you to delete messages for both ends. However, there is a feature to delete chat from both ends. But if you want to delete a specific message from both ends just like WhatsApp then it is not possible.

Because Instagram uses different types of programming. Instagram might update this feature in the future but as for now, this feature is not in Instagram.

An Alternate Way To Delete A Chat From Both Ends On Instagram

There is one way that you can use delete chat from both ends. And this is the new update of Instagram. It ensures the privacy of both the recipients and the sender. And you can turn this feature on from your side. Here is how this will happen. 

  1. First of all, You can log in/launch your Instagram application by using the right information. Launch Instagram application
  2. Now click on the message option present at the top right corner of the interface. Instagram messenger option
  3. Now the message section will open. All you have to do is open the chat of the person that you want to delete from both ends. Open the chat of a person you want to delete
  4. Now after opening the chat swipe up the screen on the chat. Until it says that “vanish mode is turned on” on that chat section. Swipe until vanish mode turned on screen Vanish mode activated and Instagram messages will be deleted for both sides
  5. Vanish mode helps you to delete both ends of chats. As soon as either person reads the message it will automatically disappear from the chat.

Reasons To Not Delete Chat From Both Ends On Instagram

The inability to delete messages from both sides is a design feature in many messaging apps, including Instagram. Once a message has been seen by the recipient, it becomes a part of their conversation history, and they have control over whether to keep or delete it.

However, it’s worth mentioning that Instagram is continuously updating its features and policies, So the platform might introduce options for message deletion from both sides in the future. Always keep your app updated to take advantage of new features as they become available.

Reason To Delete Chat On Instagram

There are some common reasons to delete chats from Instagram.

  1. The main reason to do this is to maintain privacy.
  2. Another big reason is typos. We often make mistakes while typing something in messages.
  3. If you send some private data to a person by mistake. Then it becomes necessary to delete that message.

So the reason could be anything to delete a message on Instagram.


In conclusion, Here is how to delete messages on Instagram from both sides. Instagram does not have the feature to delete one message from the chat. But you can delete the whole chat from both ends. The Instagram messenger does not allow a message to be deleted from both ends.

This upgrade might be seen in the coming years. Follow this guide to delete the chat from both texts. It is a very easy process. Vanish mode is a new and very much-liked feature of Instagram. 

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