How To Delete Listing On Depop- {Step-By-Step}

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Deleting a listing on Depop is easy. Open your app, go on the right-hand side corner, Select the delete item option and now delete your desired listing. however, making and listing here will require time.

Depop listing deleting method

Depop is a trending fashion app where you can buy and sell new fashionable clothes and accessories. It works on a global level. This is a fashion market for the new generation. You can buy your favourite trending clothes here at a very affordable price. You can also sell on Depop. One can sell clothes, accessories, and anything related to fashion and new trends here.

Need of listing on Depop

Before starting selling anything on Depop, you need to make a listing on this app for the available items. Sometimes you run out of stock so to stop getting orders for that thing you will need to delete that listing from the app. Listing on Depop is easy but deleting a listing is also easy now. In this article, I will tell you about how to delete Depop listings.

Steps to delete Depop listing

Follow these simple steps to delete listing on Depop:

Step-1: Open the app and go to the right-hand corner. You will see 3 dots there. Click on those dots.

Step-2: Now the interface will show many options. You will need to scroll down a little and then you see the option “delete items”. Click on this.

Step-3: You can select your desired listing and press the delete. Maybe it will ask for confirmation then just click on the confirm option.

And now your listing is deleted from the app.

Other alternatives for deleting a listing

Once you delete your listing you will need to make a new listing again from the 0. So you can also use the inactive listing option or if you want to leave the app permanent then you can delete your account. It will automatically remove all the listings from the app. Deleting a Depop account is very easy so you will not need to do much for this.

Making a listing on a Depop account requires time and sometimes your items are automatically banned by the Depop. It’s because of the copyright issues because they might think that you are selling a copy of any brand’s items. So if you want to sell the first or second copy products of any brands here then this place is not for you. They will automatically block you in some time. So don’t waste your time here. This place is growing very well these days so here you can find everything for your fashion hunger.

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