How To Delete EA Account in 2022?

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In this article, We’ll explore how to delete an EA account. EA stands for Electronic Arts and it is an American company that develops games. It is one of the most popular gaming industry companies in the world;

And has branches across the US, and Europe. You can create an EA account for free; And can sync all your game purchases and another progression in a single account.

Origin is also owned by EA. It is a company for buying and playing video games online and offline. If you want to close your origin account, You would still need to close your EA account, As both of them are the same.

Step By Step Instruction For How To Delete EA Account in 2022?

Step-1: First of all, you can visit the EA official website or click on this link to be redirected to the same.

Step-2: Once you are on the website, You can see a person icon on the top-right side of your screen. Click on the same.

Step-3: Once you do that a drop-down menu would appear. And asking for you to Sign In or Create an Account. So, you can Log in with your credentials here.

Step-4: Once you have been logged into the website, Scroll down to the bottom of the page into the footer. And find the help button in the navigation links and click on the same.

Help buton link in EA website page

Step-5: Once you click on the Help button it will redirect you to the same page. And here you will see a Search Bar, And in there you have to search for Delete Account, And hit enter.

EA help page search "delete account" in search bar

Step-6: After searching the keyword delete account the website will fetch different articles from their database. You have to click on the first article How Can I Close My EA Account’.

EA delete account articles page

Step-7: After clicking on the Article it will take you to a new page, Here it will explain the difference between deactivation and deletion of an account. And it would suggest you deactivate your account, Instead of deleting it completely.

Step-8: If you wish you read the following or scroll to the bottom of the page, Where you will find the option to Contact Them. To either delete or deactivate your account.

EA Account Deactivate or Delete Contact Us page

Step-9: Click on the Contact US button, It will redirect to a new page where you can look for the service that you want to delete.

Step-10: You can search ‘Origin’ in the search box. And hit enter. Once you find the same Click on the origin logo.

Search origin in the EA website search box

Step-11: Now it will ask you for the platform that you are using. You can choose either Mac or PC. Depending on the platform that you are running your Origin account.

Ask you for the platform selection page

Step-12: Once you click on your choice of device, A downwards menu with different options will appear. From here you have to click on the Manage My Account button. And it will create another downward menu for the account management page.

Manage MY Account button

Step-13: From the downward menu page, You can find the Delete Account button. After that, you need to click on the button. After you click the button it would change the colour of the padding to black. This indicates your option has been selected. Now, Click on the Select Contact option button from the below screen.

Downward page delete account button
Delete Account button

Step-14: Now, You will be redirected to the final contact page. Here you can choose methods to delete your EA account. First, You can make use of their chat system. Or you can use their contact support feature for offline help.

Step-15: I’ll first go through the Chat option, Then I’ll also share with you the phone support version.

Step-16: Once you are on the support page, Scroll and find the Chat Option. And in the Subject bar, Enter Delete Account. And click on the request live chat button at the bottom.

Request Live Chat Button

Step-17: After clicking on the request live chat button, You’ll see a screen that would suggest that they are creating your case. And the page will take some moments before you can be transferred for further process. During this do not click on the refresh button and let the page load itself.

Request live chat call transfer loading screen

Step-18: After some time you will be redirected to the Case Information page, Here you can Chat with the customer executive to assist you in deleting your account.

Step-19: In the Chat Box, Enter your Name, And wait till the customer supports joins in. And after that, share with them that you want to delete your account. They will try to convince you to deactivate your account rather than delete it. But if you have made up your mind, That tells them that you want to delete your account.

Case Information page live chat agent screen

To Learn Offline delete EA Account

For phone offline support, Contact the following information and ask them to delete your account.

Phone offline support contact details and other information's

How to deactivate EA Account

To deactivate an account is exactly the same as the delete account process. Likewise, if you want to deactivate EA, you need to connect with a customer support agent here. If you don’t know the procedure, follow the same delete account step-15 to step-17 instructions. And ask them to deactivate your account.

That’s it! after this, the customer support from their end will delete/deactivate your account. And you won’t receive any email or be able to log in to their website. Also, If you want to start your account again contact the EA support team.

I hope this article helps to remove the EA account without getting any issues on your end. Any doubts comment down. See you in the next article 🙂

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