How to Delete Codeacademy Account & What Happens After Deleting Account

how to delete codeacademy account

Codeacademy is a platform where you can learn technical skills such as coding and programming languages like Java, Python, etc. The users of this platform have the option to delete their accounts. This means the account gets deleted from the Codeacademy database also.

Once you have decided to get rid of your Codeacademy account you can delete it. However, you should note the following things before deleting your account.

Things to note: 

  1. Your subscription if you have taken it, will get canceled. And you won’t be able to use the subscription benefits.
  2. Once you have deleted your Codeacademy account, you can not recover the data, in any case.
  3. Your subscription will get canceled automatically
  4. To delete your Codeacademy account, you need to do complete verification of your account.

So, these are the four things you should know before deleting your Codeacademy account. Now, Let’s go ahead with the process and remove the Codecademy account.

To Learn How to Delete Codeacademy Account

First, verify your Codeacademy account to delete your account, you have to do complete verification of your account. You can simply verify your account by verifying your email address, by going to this link.

If your account is already verified, you can go ahead.

Step1: Go to My Account on Codeacademy or Simply click on this link

You can go to Codeacademy, then go to the My Account tab or you can simply click on the above link.

Codeacademy MyAccount Tab

Step2: Tap on Delete Account on the left-hand side

See at the left-hand side you can see various options, at last, you can see the Delete Account option, tap on it.

Codeacademy delete account link

Step3: Re-login to your account

You have to re-login to your account for confirmation.

Codeacademy Relogin to contiue button

Step 4 – Tick on ‘I understand that this will permanently delete my account’ and Tap on Delete My Account

After you have re-logged in you can tick on ‘I understand this will permanently delete my account and just tap on delete my account. That’s now you have successfully deleted the Codeacademy account.

Delete Codeacademy Account

FAQs – What Happens After Deleting Your Codeacademy Account

#1. What Happens to Your Pro Subscription on Codeacademy

  •  After deleting your account, your subscription will get canceled automatically.
  • You won’t get a refund for the canceled subscription, however, if your subscription was on 7 days free trial you will get a refund.
  • You won’t be charged after deleting your account, your re-occurring payment will get stopped.
#2. What Will Happen to Your Codeacademy Account

  • Your data and the Codeacademy account will get permanently deleted and your account won’t be accessible. Also, your data will also get deleted from their database, hence you won’t be able to recover that account.
  • If in the future, you wish to create an account again, then you can, just you have created a new account.
#3. How to Cancel Your Pro Subscription in Codeacademy

  • First of all, you need to complete the account verification process, if the account verification isn’t completed you won’t see the below options.
  • Then, Go to
  • Here, Click on the Payment and Plan tab, however, if you don’t see such tabs you need to complete the account verification first, to see that option.
  • Then, Tap – I want to end my subscription.
  • After that, tap on No thanks, I still want to cancel.
  • Simply choose a reason for the cancellation of your account and tap on cancel.

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That’s it for this how-to delete Codeacademy account article. Codeacademy has very fair policies in terms of deleting accounts, however, I haven’t personally used their services, as you have used their service, you can share your valuable review with our viewers, to spread information.

You can anytime make a new account on Codeacademy, deleting an account won’t ban you or restrict you from creating another account. You might not be able to use that same email, however, such things aren’t in their policy.

Thanks for reading this article!

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