How To Deal With Horniness As A Christian?

How To Deal With Horniness As A Christian

Here is how you can deal with the horniness as a single Christian you have to follow all the tips to get good results. This will help most Christian teenagers to suppress their sexual desire. To know more on this topic make sure that you read till the end.

To Learn How To Deal With Horniness As A Christian?

Deal With Horniness As a Christian

Every religion is different in its way. Some religions want you to behave in a particular way and some want you to wear in a particular way. So the culture of every religion is very different. Being a Christian is difficult in itself because it expects you to become pure. And by pure it means not only your body but your thoughts too. So at a certain point, you have to overcome temptations in the Christian religion.

If you are practicing this religion for a very long time then you must know how to do this. But most teens and new Christians face problems in dealing with their sexual temptations. So here is the complete guide for how to deal with horniness as a Christian.

What Is Horniness?

Horniness is a feeling of sexual desire. It is important to remember that sexual desires come not only from thoughts. Various factors make you feel horny. Some of the factors are stress, hormones, and lack of physical affection. So you need to understand what is the cause of your sexual arousal. So thought is just a cause of sex drive. It is not the only factor that causes horniness.

Tips To Deal With Horniness As A Christian Single

Here are some tips that you can use to deal with horniness. Make sure that you follow all the tips to get the best results. You need to practice all these regularly. If you will add these things to your daily routine then you will be able to reduce your sexual desire. Both males and females must follow these tips.

#1. Pray Regularly

Pray Regularly

Praying is a type of medication. Meditation helps you keep yourself calm. It also helps in controlling most senses of the body. So it is a great way to overcome your horniness. All you have to do is think about God while meditating. And the best is that you can do it anywhere. Try to do this for 5 to 10 minutes daily in the morning. And soon you will be able to do this anywhere anytime. So praying helps in reducing the horniness.

#2. Attend Regular Church

By going to regular church men that you surround yourself with great people. It will remind you of the reality of being a Christian. So your energy will be high. Also, you will keep in mind that God is the superpower. And to remain close to the good you have to remain pure. Your bad thoughts become diverted as soon as you visit the holy places.

So make sure that you frequently visit the churches. You can visit any church near you. Some people visit weekly but if you are facing more problems then you can choose to visit thrice a week too.

#3. Engage Yourself

You can engage yourself in some work. This will help you to divert your thoughts from sexual desires. So you can choose any physical activity like sports and all to divert yourself. These activities will help you to keep your body healthy and you will easily rewin your thoughts from the horniness. You can also choose to volunteer. You can volunteer at the church. This will also help you to keep your thoughts busy. And as a result, your thoughts will divert.

#4. Read Bible

Read Bible

Reading the bible regularly is a good habit. This will help you to overcome your holiness. And if you will read the bible regularly then your sexual desire will automatically reduce. Because most of your thoughts will relate to the bible. So try to have at least one hour in the day to read the bible. You can start with 10 minutes a day.

But with time you will gain interest in reading it again and again. So then you can also increase your time. Make sure that you choose the morning time. Because at that time our thoughts are more stable. And they will help you in grasping the bible’s meaning quickly.

Why Praying Necessary For Dealing With The Horniness?

Praying is necessary for dealing with horniness. Because praying has two purposes. The first purpose is to pray for self-control. And self-control does not only mean controlling your sexual desire. It means that you will control your bad thoughts, and all the bad habits will be controlled.

The second purpose is to pray for purity. If you have done any sin in the past, then you will ask for forgiveness from god. And then you will become pure. You do some bad things without even realizing it. So it is important to ask for purity from god.

These two important purposes are fulfilled by praying. So you should not skip your prayers. If you have no time then try a story before sleeping. Remember god eerie day. This will help you to keep yourself away from every kind of sexual desire.

Why Do You Need To Control Horniness?

In the Christian religion, people want you to remain pure to survive. So if you are single then not a single bad thought should cross your mind. If you are thinking badly then you will do it. So it is a way to protect yourself from committing any sin. Hence you must control your horniness. So you have to keep your body and your thoughts pure to maintain Christianity. It is easy to remain pure. All you need to do is focus on the good. And everything will be good.


In conclusion, here is how you can keep away from the horniness of being a Christian. Make sure that you follow all these things to get the best results. This article will serve as a complete guide for teenage Christians that have the problem of horniness. Even if you are a female you need to maintain the purity of your thoughts. So this is for both males and females Christian. Make sure that you add to prayer in your daily schedule and all your problems will go away.

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