How To Deal With Family Members That Disrespect You?

How To Deal With Family Members That Disrespect You

One of the most complex relationships is family. Here you never know who will get into conflict with whom. And with one more you can destroy the whole relationship whether it is with your mother, father or any other relative. So it is essential to deal with these relationships with some patience. Here is the guide on how to deal with family members who disrespect you. Disrespecting of youngsters in families is common.

So take these disrespects seriously and then completely remove themselves from that person. There are other ways to handle this situation. This guide will help you to go deep into this topic.

Reason Of The Family To Disrespect You

Reason Of The Family To Disrespect You

The reasons for this can be many. Because every person’s situation is different from the other. So the case that is with you may not be with some other person.  But the common reason for this with everyone is not having the same thoughts over a certain major.

The reason for this is the generation gap. With this gap, there will be differences in the thoughts between the elders and the youngsters. And this creates the base or the disrespect. The disrespect can be from both ends.

Tips For How To Deal With Family Members That Disrespect You

Here are certain useful tips that you can use. These will help you to survive in your house and in front of your relatives. Also, the way you handle these situations reflects a lot about your situation.

#1. Choose the Right Time and Place for Discussions Over the Conflict

Choose the Right Time and Place for Discussions Over the Conflict

When addressing disrespectful behaviour, timing and setting are critical. Choose a calm and private environment for discussions, and avoid confronting family members amid heated emotions.

A neutral space can contribute to a more constructive conversation where both parties feel heard and understood.

#2. Express Yourself Calmly

When addressing the issue, focus on “I” statements to express your feelings rather than making accusatory “you” statements. For example, say, “I feel hurt when…” instead of “You always…” This approach can help prevent defensive reactions and foster a more open dialogue.

#3. Never React Too Early

Never React Too Early

Sometimes in a hurry, we forget to understand the meaning of the conversation. And most likely we take it negatively. So do not try to rest in the same moment.

  • First, you need to analyse the situation.
  • Try to think about the conversation from a different perspective.
  • And if you still think that it was disrespectful then talk about that.

#4. Create Boundaries

Generally, we have a perspective that we can talk freely with our family. But it is not true. There should be limitations in every situation. Your family might take the disrespect to another level. But when they are aware of the limits then they will stop/ and the disrespect will not happen.

You will have to try hard in the beginning to set these boundaries. But it is not impossible. Once you will set these boundaries you will have peace of mind that everything will be under limit even if it is your own family.

#5. Try To Know the Cause

If someone is disrespecting you from your family it means they have a grudge against you. If you know the exact cause of the disrespect then you will correct this. And the process will not happen in the future.

Family matters are solved by sitting and by doing conversations only. So here you will have two works.

  • First to know the root cause of the problem.
  • And the last one is to talk about the problem and sort out the situation.

#6. Know When To Walk Off

One of the important things about family is that we like to stick with them until the very end moment. But know your limits. If you think that the disrespect’s too much for you to handle then walk off the situation. And also from the member.

This will give you mental peace because the more you hear about the disrespect the more your mind will disturb. So you have to learn the art of walking off.

Some Important Things To Consider While Living With A Family That Disrespects You

Some Important Things To Consider While Living With A Family That Disrespects You

There are some things that one should consider if they are living in such a family. Because your mental peace comes before anyone. If you are not in a mental peace then you will not focus on your goals, studies and more. So it is important to consider these things.

#1. Focus On Building Healthy Relationships

While addressing disrespectful behaviour is essential, it’s also important to nurture positive aspects of your relationships with family members. Identify shared interests, positive memories, and common ground to build upon.

Focusing on the positive aspects of your relationships can create a more balanced perspective.

#2. Consider Temporary Distance

In some cases, taking a temporary break from certain family members may be necessary for your well-being. This distance can provide both parties with an opportunity to reflect on their behaviour and the impact it has on the relationship.

#3. Forgiveness & Moving Forward

Forgiveness & Moving Forward

Forgiveness is a powerful tool in healing relationships. While it doesn’t mean condoning disrespectful behaviour. Forgiveness allows you to release the emotional burden and move forward. It’s a personal choice and a process that may take time.

#4. Seek Therapy

Some words can leave a very deep impact on you. In those cases living away from those family members does not work. In such cases, you should look for emotional therapy.

They will guide you on how you can increase your self-esteem. Because the disrespect decreases the confidence. In many cases, it is not necessary. But if you’re still stuck with that you can try some sessions.


In conclusion, Here is a guide on how to deal with family members that disrespect you. No one in this world can handle disrespect. And if it is from the family then it is more devastating. How do you can deal with your family in those situations? This will help you to handle the situations mindfully.

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