How To Cut Bell Shape In Wood {A Guide}

How To Cut Bell Shape In Wood {A Guide}

As a matter of fact, Woodworking is a type of craft. And not everyone can do this. Because one has to move the hands with force and with calmness at the same time to get a perfect shape. One of the toughest shapes is the bell shape. If you are a beginner then you must have tried several times and failed. Here is the guide about how to cut the bell shape in wood. It is not easy but with the right steps, you can do this without any errors.

You can use this bell for DIY purposes decoration and a whole lot of different purposes. So get ready for your tool and let’s jump into the process of making a bell shape out of the wood.

Toos Required In The Process

First of all, you have to gather all the tools that are necessary for this process. Make sure that you gather all these. Because then later you will be able to save your time.

And if you’re a woodcraft then you must have these tools with you. There is no special tool required in this process. Your old tools will work fine in this process.

  1. Wood Blank: Choose a piece of wood that suits your project. The type of wood and its thickness depends on your design and the final use of the bell shape.
  2. Pencil: For sketching the bell shape on your wood.
  3. Ruler: To measure and mark precise dimensions.
  4. Compass: To draw the outer and inner curves of the bell shape.
  5. Jigsaw Or Bandsaw: For cutting the wood.
  6. Wood Clamps: To secure the wood while you cut.
  7. Sandpaper Or A Sanding Block: For smoothing the cut edges and finishing the bell shape.
  8. Woodworking Safety Gear: Always wear safety glasses and hearing protection when using power tools.

Steps For How To Cut Bell Shape In Wood

Here are the steps that will help you to cut the bell from the wood. If you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner in wood crafting.

You can use all of these. Because the process is a little complicated. And by following these as it is you will be able to do this in no time. 

Bell Design

First of all, You have to take the market and draw the bell on the wood block. Make sure that you keep all the measurements of the bell in mind while drawing it.

You can select the size according to your project. And draw the exact bell that you want. Make sure to keep the borders a little wide.

Secure Your Wood Block

Use your wood clamps to secure the piece of the wood. Because this will create a stable place for working. And if the wood block will move during the carving process then you will not get the best bell shape for your project.

So secure is one of the necessary parts. And it is not just for the bell-shaped carving. So whatever you are carving on the wood you have to secure the wood block first.

Cut Outer Curve

Use bandsaw for this purpose. Slowly and steadily guide the saw along the outer curve, keeping as close to the line as possible without cutting into it.

Avoid doing things in a hurry and make sure that you take your time. Move the hands at a slow and steady pace. After completing this work check if there are any blunt edges.

Cut Inner Curve

For this drill a small hole inside the inner curve close to the centreline. This show will be your starting point. Use your jigsaw to do this. Insert the jigsaw blade into the hole and carefully cut along the inner curve, staying as close to the line as possible.

Remember that you have to do this work under symmetry. So do not disturb the main symmetry of the bell. You have to do this very carefully and slowly on the wood.

Refine The Shape

Now the step that you will get will be very rough. To get this shape, you have to use sandpaper. Make sure that you start with the edges. Make them smooth and then you will be able to get the best bell shape.

So the sandpaper will smooth every part of the wood and the end product will be smooth.

Use Wood Oil

To make the beel more smooth and shiny you can use wood oil on the bell. Then your bell will be ready to use. This wood oil protects the wood from any harm and also gives shine to your craft. Hence wood oil is necessary in this possession.


In conclusion, Here is how to cut bell shape in wood. The process is not easy. But with the right-hand face, you will be able to do this shape. Here is the guide that you can use to make the bell shape from the wood. Gather the right tool for this purpose and then start working.

So the bell shape in wood can be used for decoration and Christmas purposes. However, the reason for making this craft can be different. this was all for how to cut bell shape in wood.

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