How to create bootable usb

To create bootable usb

if you want to format your system for, full of virus or system slow, then you can be able to format your system via CD/DVD and USB.

In fact Most of that people do not know that format our system via Bootable USB. In the meantime USB port is available for all computers. Even though some of them don’t use CD drive. So these kind of cases Bootable USB helps to format your system no need any external CD/DVD devices.

To create bootable usb

Here is the step by step though to create bootable USB for windows systems.

At first download Power ISO software, it helps to convert your operating system files into ISO format.

Power ISO here is the official download page Link:

Convert your Files on ISO format

Step 1:

At first highlight and select all files first

To select all windows 7 files

Step 2:

On your files right-click next to Power ISO then Click the Add to image file

Add ISO file using Power ISO

Step 3:

however it will take sometimes please hold on while process completed


Download ISO to USB Software

ISO to USB software certainly it will help to convert your ISO files into bootable USB

ISO to USB here is the official download page Link:

Step 1:

At first Download ISO to  USB software

Official download page link on ISO to USB

Step 2:

Run ISO to USB then browse your ISO files

click browse button ans select ISO files on your computer

Step 3:

After that plug-in your USB device

Step 4:

Then select your usb device

after plugin usb device then select usb device in iso to usb

Step 5:

After all completed then click “Burn” button

click burn button on iso to usb


Step 6:

Now you will see that warning message click next to yes button

warning shows after click burn button means click yes button to proceed

Step 7:

Please hold on sometimes while bootable usb conversion is ongoing

Step 8:

so your bootable usb get ready to start format your system

Step 9:

Finally Restart and run boot menu now you can able to format your system via usb drive.

at finally get ready for windows 7 bootable usb



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