How To Cook Milanesa Steak Without Breading {A Guide}

How To Cook Milanesa Steak Without Breading {A Guide}

As a matter of fact, Milanesa steak is one of the most tasty steaks in the world. But if you love this then you should know that it has a lot of calories. But if you will prepare it with a certain method then you can cut down a lot of calories and make it healthy along with the taste. So here is the guide for how to cook milanesa steak without breading.

Originally it was breaded steak but you can modify it. There are various ways to do this and the method is present there. All you have to do is follow the exact recipe and you will be good to go with your Milanesa steak. 

Basics About Milanesa Steak

Milanesa steak is an Argentinian dish. This dish is served with thin slices of beef. But various ideas can be explored with this dish. And all around the world people explore different options as well.

So the meat is cut into thin pieces and then covered with bread crumbs. However, you can cover it with egg on top of bread and then it is fried. And it is served hot with other stuff like ketchup and all. This way the calorie increases in this dish. Hence makes it impossible for people who are on low low-calorie diet.

Tips For How To Cook Milanesa Steak Without Breading

There are various ways that you can try to cook the Milanesa steak. Here are some of the different ways. You can use any of these methods to cook according to your facility. 

#1. Use the Oven For Baking

Baking is one of those methods that can save you from consuming too many calories. Here is how.

  1. First of all, You can place the Milanesa steak in a foil wrap by covering both sides of the steak with the oil.
  2. You can use any oil of your choice like mustard oil, olive oil, and more.
  3. Now leave it in the oven for 20 minutes at 170 degrees. It is best for those people who are looking for a hassle-free way to consume this streak.
  4. So you can use salt pepper and other spices over your Milanesa steak.
  5. The spice choices will depend on your taste.

#2. Air Fryer

If you have an air fryer in the kitchen then you can use this method to cook Milanesa steak. So this is another very easy and healthy recipe for this. So the best thing about these is that you can eat them with any side dishes. Here is how you can prepare this in the air fryer.

  1. Place the Milanesa steak in the pan of the air fryer and now oil both sides.
  2. Do not cover your Milanesa steak.
  3. If you will cover it with anything then it will remain uncooked.
  4. After placing it at 145 degrees temperature.
  5. It will cook within 10 minutes.
  6. It is one of the fastest methods to cook this steak.

#3. Grilled Method

Grilling is the best way to cook Milanesa steak. You can use all the herbs and sauces that you want to cook with. You can customize the cooking on your own. But remember that with grilling it will take a lot of time to cook.

So you can not expect it prepared within a few minutes. You will need to have patience. And it is best if you are going on picnics and want to do barbeque and all.

Common Side Dishes With Milanesa Steak

There are a lot of different side diseases that go with Milanesa steak. These side dishes are to enhance the taste of this steak. However, you can completely customize the side dishes according to your taste.

Here is a list of some common side dishes.

  1. French Fries- It’s one of the oldest combinations. So these fries will never go out of fashion.
  2. Salad- The salad can contain vegetables. But if you are using a dressing for the salad then make sure that the flavor of the dressing does not overcome the flavor of your steak.
  3. Rice- Steak and rice is the old combination and one of the most used combinations. It is healthy as well.


In conclusion, here is how to cook Milanesa Steak without breading. So there are a lot of different ways to cook steak. The most common and easy methods are here. You do not have to do much to sook this with breading.

So even with breading Milanesa steak can taste very good. Here is the list of some side dishes as well. So these side dishes enhance the taste of the steak. so you can choose the method that suits you the best with the availabilities.

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