How to Connect High Level to Shopify API {Step By Step Guide}

How to Connect High Level to Shopify API {Step By Step Guide}

E-commerce without marketing and analysis is worthless. Now, Shopify is an exceptional platform for setting up an online store easily. But you need some advanced marketing & analytics tools for your store. And here, High Level came into existence. Integrating High Level with Shopify will be a game changer for every e-commerce business owner. But many people suffer with How to Connect High Level to Shopify API. If you are also among those, don’t worry. The time has come to overcome your suffering. In this article, we will tell you How to Connect High Level to Shopify API in simple steps.

After going through this step-by-step guide, you will no longer suffer with your Shopify store’s analytics, sales, marketing, and advertising.

What is Shopify?

What is Shopify

Though many people are aware of Shopify, we will still give you a brief info about it. Shopify is an E-commerce platform that allows you to set up an online store without technical knowledge like coding. It provides a plethora of advanced tools and settings to create, customize, and finalize your store.

With options like drag & drop, theme customization, and automatic integration of necessary features, you can set up any type of online store on Shopify in just minutes. To provide you with advanced, personalized features, Shopify allows you to connect external software, tools, and apps.

What is a High Level?

Before knowing How to Connect High Level to Shopify API, it’s important to understand how it will help you. As mentioned above, Shopify lets you connect multiple external software, tools, and applications to make your store perfect in every way. Now, among multiple external applications, High Level is also an external entity that provides pro-level marketing and analytics features to your shop.

It is a cloud-based platform specialized in providing services like sales analytics, lead generation, ad campaigns, scheduling, processing payments, and many, many more. The platform assists team members in different ways and helps in the overall growth of the business.

How to Connect High Level to Shopify API {Quick Guide}

How to Connect High Level to Shopify API {Quick Guide}

Connecting High Level to Shopify API might sound technical and complex, but this is not the case. Even if you don’t have any knowledge about Shopify and High Level, you can integrate High Level with Shopify after following this easy guide. So, let’s jump into the step-by-step guide to connect High Level to Shopify.

Step-1: Create an Account on Shopify

It’s impossible to connect high level to Shopify without a Shopify account. So go to Shopify and create an Account for your store. Here, you have to enter some basic personal & store details like store name, email, type of store, etc.

Step-2: Go to Apps & Sales Settings

Once you log in to your account, you will see a Search Bar at the top. Just type Apps in the search bar, and you will find Apps & Sales Settings options at the end. Now click Apps & Sales Settings.

Step-3: Click Develop Apps

You will find the Install App section once you open Apps & Sales Settings. If you haven’t installed any app, you will not find any apps.

So, there are two options to add external apps to your store:

  • External Sources
  • Shopify Apps Store

Shopify App Store has multiple apps. But for High Level, you have to go for another option: Develop Apps. You will find the Develop App option next to the Shopify App Store.

Step-4: Click Create An App

In the App Development section, you will find the Create An App option at the center. It allows you to install apps from external sources using Shopify API. Once you click this, a pop-up window will appear, asking for the name. Here, you have to enter the App name. In this case, you will enter High Level. After entering the name, click Create App.

Step-5: Configue Admin API Scopes

When you are done with High Level App creation in the above steps, you will see multiple sections for settings & configurations. Now, in the overview section, you will see Configure Admin API Scopes. Just click on it.

Step-6: Configure Orders & Products Settings

After enabling Configure Admin API scopes, you have to change some settings under the Configure section. Scroll down and find the Order section. Here, you have to check Read orders. Similarly, scroll down to the Products Section and here check Read Products. Once done, click on Save.

Step-7: Install the App

After saving the above settings, click on the Install app. A pop-up window will appear for the confirmation of the installation. Click on Install App once again.

Step-8: Settings for API Credentials

You will find the API Credentials section at the top next to Configuration on the same page. Tap on API Credentials. Under this section, you will see a small section named Admin API Access Token. Now, you will see the Reveal Token Once option inside the Admin API Access Token section. So when you click it, a unique code or text will be displayed, which will be required to connect High Level to Shopify.

Step-9 Log In to your High Level account

A High Level account is necessary to connect it with Shopify. If you don’t have an account, Create One. After logging in, just go to the Settings section of High Level. At the last, you will find Integrations; click on it.

Step-10: Paste the Admin API Access Token

On the Integrations page, you will find the Shopify card. Click on the Connect button inside the Shopify card. A pop-up window will appear asking for Admin API Access Token and your Shopify Store name. Paste the copied API keys into the first column and enter your store name in the second column. Now, just click Connect, and never ask How to Connect High Level to Shopify API.

Wrapping Up

So that’s it for How to Connect High Level to Shopify API. The above step-by-step guide will let you connect High Level to Shopify in the best and easiest way possible. The above guide is helpful for anyone without any requirement for any technical knowledge. So follow the step-by-step guide and grow your E-Commerce business exponentially.

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