How To Combine NonPolar Capacitors {A Guide}

How To Combine NonPolar Capacitors {A Guide}

Capacitors are used in almost every electric machine. They conduct electricity and also they are used to store energy. So that you can use this later. There are different types of capacitors. And manufacturing of every capacitor is based on the work that they do. The most common types of capacitors are polar and non-polar capacitors. If you combine two capacitors then you can increase the power of that capacitor. So here is the guide for how to combine nonpolar capacitors.

By combining the two capacitors weather of the same type or weather different you can create a new combination for electricity storage. The process to do this is very easy. All you have to do is follow these steps and then you will be good.

What Is A NonPolar Capacitor?

These are the capacitors that are completely non-functional. These do not have a negative or a positive charge. So it was issued to replace any other capacitor in the process and if you place them in a specific condition then it will start working.

Otherwise, it will be useless for you. When a capacitor is charged with negative and positive charge then you have to place them in a certain direction. However, this is not the case with these capacitors. You can place them in any direction of the electricity flow.

Types Of NonPolar Capacitors

If we talk about non-polar capacitors then it is further divided into two parts. So there are two common types of non-polar capacitors that we see.

Ceramic Capacitors-

These are used in high-frequency appliances. They are small and lightweight. Also, these are very affordable. Instead of their small size, they can pass a lot of electricity. Hence used in large appliances. 

Tantalum Capacitor-

Those appliances that have limited space to fit these are used in those because this type of capacitor has high density. These are for those appliances that emit a lot of heat. The most common example of these types of capacitors is in audio devices. 

There are a lot of other types of non-polarized capacitors. But these are the most common types that we use in our daily lives. Those types are used in industry areas and are not useful for us.

Types Of Combinations Of Non-Polar Capacitors

To combine two different non-polar capacitors you can use many combinations. Here is the list of such combinations that can be used by you. These are simple and even a beginner can do this if they have some basic knowledge about the capacitors and all.

Parallel Combination

If you are willing to increase the capacitance without increasing the voltage then this is for you. You can use this combination. It does not affect the voltage at all and increases the capacitance at its best. Because one single capacitor can not provide you with the best storage.

Series Combination Of Non-Polar Capacitors

If you arrange capacitors in series then it will increase the voltage. You can increase the voltage to the desired number by adding as many capacitors in the series. But in this case, the capacitance will remain the same and it will only increase the voltage. It is the opposite of a parallel combination of capacitors. 

Mixed Combination

If you want to have both high voltage and capacitance then you can use this combination. But for this combination, you have to select the type of non-polar capacitor. Because not every capacitor is capable of handling both voltages and capacitance together.

So with the help of this combination, you can increase both. It is the easiest combination. But it requires careful selection of a capacitor.

Material Required To Create Non Non-Polar Capacitor Combination

There are a few materials that you will require to combine the capacitor. These materials are easily available anywhere. So you do not have to rush here and there for the materials.

The list of these materials is as follows:

  1. Jumper wires (To connect two capacitors you will need two jumper wires. So two jumper wires per combination)
  2. Voltage testers
  3. Wires of different color
  4. The capacitor’s desired capacitance

These are the only things that you will require in this process. Jumper wires are easily available at any shop. You can also purchase these from any online store. Capacitors are available in online stores like Amazon.

Steps To Combine Two NonPolar Capacitors

Here are the steps that you will follow to combine two capacitors. The process is very easy. All you should know is the desired voltage that you want and the capacitance. Without this requirement, you can not create a combination. 

  1. If you are combining two capacitors then take two jumper wires and connect each each end of the jumper to the capacitor plug. And the other end the other capacitor plug.
  2. After the combination make sure to check the voltage and the capacitance. It is just to ensure that you have made the desired combination.
  3. If you connect to more than two capacitors. Then you will require four wires of different colors.
  4. Every capacitor has four plugs over it. Fix each end of the wire in the plug of the bigger capacitor.
  5. Now place two plugs in the other capacitor and the other two in a different capacitor. This is how you combine the many capacitors. 
  6. Also, never forget to check the last voltage. If there is any mistake in the combination then you can easily detect it with the help of a tester. this was for How to combine nonpolar capacitors.


In conclusion, here is  How to combine nonpolar capacitors. The process of combining two different capacitors is very easy. There are different combinations that you can use according to your work. This is the guide that will help you in your capacitor combination.

Make sure that you always keep a teaser with you. As soon as you finish the capacitor combination change the voltage and the capacitance. This will ensure that the combination is correct. 

The checking of any combination will not take more than a few seconds. Make sure to take all preventive measures while playing with wires and capacitors.

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