How To Close A Switchblade {Help Guide}

How To Close A Switchblade {Help Guide}

As clear from the name the switchblades are made for quick use. These switchblades open and close very fast. But you need to have some practice in closing the switchblade. Because closing is very easy. But some people might find it difficult to close. So here is the detailed guide on how to close a switchblade. Here we will learn about how you can open the switchblade faster.

Switchblades are designed for safety purposes. But now they have become a statement symbol. So even if you are using them just for safety you must keep them safe. Because if you will not handle them with care then you will not be able to take care of them properly.

Basics About Switchblades

As a matter of fact, Switchblades are very useful for small tasks. Like rope cutting and all. But mainly they are used for safety. One of the most common places where the switchblades are used is in the army. Soldiers keep these with them for safety purposes.

There is a button present on these switches. And with the help of these buttons, anyone can open the blades very easily. When it opens it takes the shape of a small knife. It’s very easy to handle this knife. 

Tips For How To Close the Switchblade

Opening Switchblades is very easy. But closing is difficult for many people. Here are the steps that you can follow to close your blade. With these steps, you have to ensure your safety while handling the blades. Because the blades of the switchblades are no less than an actual blade.

  1. First of all, You have to check if your blade has a locking mechanism. This mechanism helps the blades to stick out. So if your switchblade has that mechanism then you have to release the mechanism first. 
  2. Then, You can hold the knife with a good grip and find the button that you used to open the blade.
  3. Now, Push that button and that button is located on the base of the knife. So it will come in the grip.
  4. After pushing you have to end the blades back in their cage with the help of your hands. Try to push back with a little force. But remember that you keep your hands aside. Otherwise, there is a chance for the injury.

These are all the simple steps that you have to follow to close the switchblade. Below are the preventive measures that you have to follow while doing all this.

Prevention While Closing the Switchblade

You have to take some preventive measures while you are closing the switchblades. Because prevention is very necessary in these cases.

  1. Try to hold the switchblade as strongly as possible. Because it will ensure that there is a good grip.
  2.  After pushing the knife inside check if the lock is good. If it’s loose then the blade will come out again.
  3. If the blade has sharp edges then try to cover the blade edges with the help of a cloth. This will help you in avoiding direct contact with the blades.
  4. Make sure that you check the lock mechanism is not here while closing the blades. Otherwise no matter how hard you will push the blade will not go inside. 

Do your work with all the preventive measures. There is a high chance of injuries in these cases. So you have to avoid injury in every possible case. This was for how to close a switchblade.

Keeping A Switchblade Is Legal Or Not

The answer to this question depends on which state you are living in. Many states have banned the use of switchblades. However, you will see these blades with every soldier. Because it is compulsory to have these blades in the army.

It’s for the safety of the soldier. So even if the state has banned the blades they might be seen with an army soldier. So if you are thinking about buying a switchblade then you should check the rules of your state. And if it is legal then you can have a blade for yourself. 


In conclusion, here is how to close a switchblade. It is very easy to open these blades. All you have to do is push the button of your switchblade. But if you are using this for the first time then the closing might be difficult. Here is the guide for you.

With the help of this guide, you can close these blades with proper safety. Make sure to take all preventive measures because the blades are sharp on these switchblades. Hence there is always a chance of getting injured.

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