Simple Guidance For How To Close a Fidelity Account

How To Close a Fidelity Account (Simple Guidance)

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You’ll find instructions in this article on how to close a fidelity account. Fidelity is an investment management company that offers various financial services.

Fidelity Website Homepage Screen

How To Close Fidelity Account Through Phone?

Suppose you wish to close your Fidelity account and remove your brokerage from them. You can do so quite easily. The first method that I would share with you is the old school phone method. Like earlier, a lot of trade buying and selling used to be on the phone. So does the opening and closing of accounts.

To close your account completely so that you won’t have any charges for non-usage of your account. You would need to call 1-800-343-3548. You have to call them and ask them to close your fidelity account. They will also ask for your account number, so make sure that you keep that in handy.

How To Remove Your Fidelity Account Through Online

Fidelity Customer Service Contact Us Page Screen

You can email them directly at, with the subject name being “Close My Account”. You can also include a reason why they are leaving the platform and also attach some documents for verification.

They also have a virtual assistant that can help you with this process. Visit this link and type Close My Account in the input bar. Once you do that, it will retrieve back with a message that will ask you to login into your account. From there, you can proceed to cancel your fidelity account.

How To Cancel Fidelity Account Through Mail

Although the above methods would be enough to close your fidelity account, if you want to work this process physically, you can also send them a mail. Please see the address below for fidelity headquarters.

Fidelity Investments

PO Box 770001

Cincinnati, OH 45277-0002

When you are sending mail, you should also request a signature when received from the other end. This will ensure that your documents have reached the right person and on time. Make sure that you add your account number and share your social security number and date of account opening for faster response.

How You Can Able To Close Fidelity Account Through Branch?

Fidelity Branch Locations Screen

If all the above methods don’t work or you want a quick resolution. You can visit the Fidelity physical branch and get into contact with the company’s associates for a swift resolution. After closing your account, you should also confirm the same with the fidelity that will ensure that you are no longer obliged to do the same. You can visit this website to locate a Fidelity branch in your state. 

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