How To Clear Service 4wd Light {Help Guide}

How To Clear Service 4wd Light {Help Guide}

Have you ever wondered what 4WD means? It means a wheel drive. And it indicates the distribution of paper between the four wheels of your vehicle. However, if you have done some serious off-roading, you will see the 4ed indicator on your dashboard. If you will ignore this indication then you can cause severe damage to your vehicle. Here is the guide for how to clear service 4wd light. For the beginner, it might be very confusing.

And you all will need a guide to do this. This guide will help you in every step to do so. Because just by performing these steps you can save your vehicle engine from severe damage. Here is more on this topic.

When Does the Service 4WD Light Blink?

Many factors can make this indication. here is the list of some of the important factors. When you see this indication then make sure to check all these things in your vehicle.

  1. Low level of petrol and diesel in your vehicle
  2. Overheating of the vehicle
  3. Any damaged wiring in the engine
  4. Any type of sensor problem
  5. Using damaged components of the vehicle

Sometimes you know the reason for this indication. So make sure that you remove the cause of indication as soon as possible. Otherwise, you have to face many other problems in your vehicle.

Steps For How To Clear Service 4WD Light?

Here are the steps that you have to follow to clear service 4wd light. If you are a beginner then make sure that you do this without skipping any steps. You can also get help from an experienced person to clear 4WD.

#1. Reading 4WD Indicator Lights

First, you should know how to read the signal. Sometimes there is a fault in 4WD lights. So make sure that you carefully observe this light. And if it blinks only when you start your vehicle then you should focus on the other steps.

#2. Disconnect Your Battery

If you want to clear all warning signs then you have to disconnect your battery and then wait from 5 to 10 minutes and then connect it again. By doing this you can remove all the warning signs. Sometimes the fault in the wiring can lead to the blinking of the 4WD system.

#3. Open the Dash Bezel

Opening the dash bezel and checking the wiring and the connections and all types of possible damage can help you eliminate the problem of your 4WD blinking. If there is any engine damage then it will be visible as soon as you start inspecting the dash bezel. 

#4. See the User Manual

Many different ways are mentioned in your user manual to clear the 4WD lights. You can use all those tricks to manage this light. The user manual also indicates the possible problem related to the 4WD blinking. You can also check the associated reason for that.

#5. Seek Help From A Professional

If after trying all these methods the condition persists then you should take your vehicle to a professional. Because then the problem will recite in your engine. And if you will not solve the problem then you may damage the vehicle very badly. If you do not know the 4wd light then you can take the vehicle to the nearest service centre. They will solve the problem for you to clear 4WD.


In conclusion, here is the complete guide for how to clear service 4WD light. So here are the perfect steps for the beginner to clear the 4WD lights. It is important to clear the signs.  If the condition persists then you can take your vehicle to the nearest service centre. Taking care of your vehicle is important. If you will do off-roading with your vehicle then the chances of internal damages increase.

Your engine is a very important part of the vehicle. Any, slight damage and change in its function lead to indications of many other problems. So you should always take care of the engine. 4WD is mainly associated with engine problems. That’s why you should never ignore the signs on your car dashboard.

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