How To Clear Engine Derate {Help Guide}

How To Clear Engine Derate {Help Guide}

In this article, we will see how to clear the engine derate. The process lies in the underlying cause. So you have to remove the cause first and then you will be able to do this. The cause of this problem is limited. So it is very easy to detect what is causing the engine to derate.

How To Clear Engine Derate?

Sometimes the car sensors or system shows the car’s derate message. The derating process is among the necessary processes to do with your car. Many factors can activate the derate message. Some of the matters can be serious while some can be false alarms so it is very important to know why your car is showing the derate message again and again.

And if the car is showing this message then the only opinion that is lefts to you is to derate your car.

So here is the complete tutorial for how to clear the engine to derate. If you are looking for the answer to the same questions then you are at the right place.

What Is Engine Derate?

Engine derate indicates the low power of the engine. It means the engine is producing lower power than the actual capacity. This feature in your car is designed to protect your engine from harm. By the derating process, you can increase the life of your engine.

The Derate process also protects the diesel particulate filter DPF system. Hence for the long life of your engine and to run the engine at its highest power, it is necessary to do derating.

The process s itself is very easy. Even if the car is not showing the derate message you should do this a few times a month.

The Main Causes Of Engine Derate

Here are some main causes of engine derate. If you will avoid these things then you will also be able to avoid the engine derate for a long time. So here is the list of engine derate causes. These are some of the main causes of this process.

  • If the fluid level in the cooling system will reduce then it will start showing the derate message.
  • If there is any problem in the DPF system then this indicator will show.
  • Check the regular fuel consumption and the fuel pressure. Any change in these two will lead to the indicator system turning on.
  • Any dust in the emission system.

So these are the main cause to cause the engine and DPF system damage. And hence in all these situations, the indication for the derate of the engine activates.

Steps To Clear Engine Derate

If your DPF system has failed more than three times in the last 40 hours then you can only use your car after you derate your engine. So here is how you can do this alone. Make sure to read all the steps carefully and then start doing this work.

  • First, you have to check what factor is activating the derating system. The derating system can be cleared only when you will solve the underlying cause.
  • After successfully removing the main cause of the problem.
  • You can now check if your engine has started or not. If not then you have to clean the spark plus.
  • Keep the engine on for some time. If it is still not starting then check the engine oil levels.

This is the whole process that you should follow to derate your engine. As soon as you will remove the underlying cause the dashboard of your car will stop showing the derate lighting.


In conclusion, here are the steps that you will follow to derate your car. The derating process is correlated with the underlying cause. And the main cause is the DPF system damage. And the system was damaged because of the dust and other particles.

So you have to do the cleaning process. If you are planning to go on long routes then check the engine derate before.

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