How To Clean Lululemon Yoga Mat {Help Guide}

How To Clean Lululemon Yoga Mat {Help Guide}

Here is how you can clean your LuLulemon yoga mat. These mates are very sensitive. So, you have to keep proper precautions while washing these mates. These are among the most expensive yoga mates. So you have to keep them with safety.

To Learn How To Clean the Lululemon Yoga Mat

Lululemon is famous for its fabric. Like the blanket sheets and the yoga mat. You can not wash this yoga mat with normal water or like your normal yoga mats. because you might end up destroying it. Lululemon mats are soft and they are very sensitive. If you try cleaning your yoga mat with detergent then the fabric will start to break. So your lululemon practice yoga mat is not like ordinary yoga mats.

Here is the explanation about how to clean a lululemon yoga mat. Because not everyone can clean them with the method instructed on these mates. Here is how you can easily wash these with home-available items.

Why it is important to clean the lululemon yoga mat?

If you observe some dirt on the yoga mates then you use an ordinary cleaning cloth and wipe that dirt. But yoga mates are the dirtiest. Because they absorb our sweat, bacteria, dust, and many more. So it is very important to clean these mates. If you will not clean your yoga mat then there are chances that you might get some kind of skin infection. Your skin will feel irritated after using the mat. So regular cleaning of the lululemon mat with proper care is very necessary. You should always wash your mat almost once or twice a week. the more you wash your mat the more it will damage. So try not to wash it more often.

Solutions to wash lululemon yoga mat

You can buy a readymade solution to wash the lululemon yoga mat. But that solution will cost you more. because that ready-made solution is very expensive. Another option is to make your solution at home. You can also use a homemade solution to wash your lululemon yoga mat. Here are some solutions that you can prepare at home. Make sure that you prepare them in advance.

1) To prepare the first solution, mix baking soda, water, and lemon juice together. You can make the quantity according to your use. If you are washing more than one yoga mat then make more solutions. Use water almost double in quantity as of the baking soda and lemon juice. Try to squeeze the lemon juice at home.

2) For the second solution, you will require tea tree oil, water, and white vinegar. Take the same quantity as mentioned above. Mix them and keep them in a bottle like a spray bottle. You can use this solution more than once.

3) For the thyroid one, all you need to have is a sponge and mild soap. This can also be used to clean the lululemon yoga mat.

Make sure that you prepare all these solutions in advance. These solutions can be prepared at home at any time. And they are safe for the fabric of the lululemon yoga mat. Along with all these, you have to use a spray bottle too.

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Steps to clean a lululemon yoga mat

Here is how you can wash your lululemon yoga mat. Make sure that you follow all these steps properly. Because one wrong step can damage your whole yoga mat.

1) Fill your solution in the spray bottle and spray it all over your yoga mat. If you are using the third solution then mix the soap and the water and then spread the solution on the mat with the help of the sponge. Do not overdo this step.

2) The next step is very easy. Use a soft cloth and wipe your yoga mat. Do not rub it harshly over the mat. Gently remove the sprayed solution from the yoga mat. Once you do, then make sure that you wipe it again. Just to ensure that the whole spray has been wiped.

3) Now let your yoga mat dry. Do not keep this in direct sunlight. Because the sunlight can seriously damage your yoga mat. So keep it away from direct sunlight. And once it is dry you can see this again.

It is very easy to wash the lululemon yoga mat if you have the right solution. It is very hard to keep the lululemon yoga mat safe because these rates are sensitive to almost everything. And you can not keep them recklessly. So make sure that you do proper care of these mates.

Price of lululemon yoga mat

These yoga mates are very popular these days. Because they are durable and they are best for their purpose. You might find these a little expensive but they are worth trying. You will see the difference in prices in online and offline stores. Online these will be more expensive. The fact is that lululemon yoga mats are not available everywhere. So you might not find these in offline stores easily. The cost of one lululemon yoga mat is $80. You will see more prices in online stores.

How long you can use a lululemon yoga mat?

Many factors decide the durability of the lululemon yoga mats. These are mature and sensitive. So you have to keep them safe. Do not wash thee with warm water, and keep them away from the sunlight. If you follow all the precautions you can use one mat for years. Without getting a single scratch on it. So it is worth spending your money on the lululemon yoga mats. These mates are the best when you use them for yoga purposes only.


In conclusion, here is how you can clean your lululemon yoga mat at home. There are easy methods to wash these at home. But you have to keep all other precautions to keep them safe. Washing is the main reason that these mates get damaged. So do not try to wash them often. Once or twice a week is enough. It also depends on how much you use these. If you use these mates for hours then you have to wash them more frequently. So many factors decide the lives of a lululemon yoga mat. I hope this article will serve as a guide for you to manage your lululemon yoga mat.

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