How To Clean A Headstone {Help Guide}

How To Clean A Headstone {Help Guide}

The headstones are for the memories of our families and are known too. These headstones contain lots of feelings, emotions, and many more things related to that individual. From time to time,  it is essential to clean these headstones. Here is the guide on how to clean a headstone. You can clean them as frequently as possible.

But if you use the right techniques then the headstones will not get much dirty and they will remain there for a longer time. The basic idea of cleaning headstones is preserving the memories of the gone. You can remember that person as long as you want. Because that headstone represents that person and all the memories related to that person.

Understanding Of The Material Of The Headstone And Their Cleaning Practices

Before diving into the cleaning process of the headstone, It is essential to understand the material of the headstone. Because the cleaning process of every material is different.

And if you use the wrong cleaning techniques then they are high chance of damaging the material.

Here is the list of different materials used in the cleaning process.


It is a popular choice for gravestones due to its continuity and resistance to corrosion. To clean a graphite monument, use a soft cloth or sponger, mild dish cleaner, and water. Avoid acidic or abrasive cleansers, as they may beget damage.


Marble, with its dateless fineness, requires a gentle touch. Use a soft cloth or sponger, water, and a mild soap to clean marble gravestones. Avoid acidic substances like ginger, as they can erode the gravestone’s face over time.


Limestone gravestones are susceptible to riding, so a delicate approach is essential. Use a soft encounter, water, and a mild cleanser designed for limestone. Harsh chemicals can accelerate deterioration.


Slate gravestones are unique, frequently dark and smooth. To clean the slate, conclude with a soft encounter or sponger, water, and mild soap. Be conservative with abrasive tools that might scratch the face.

Preventive Measures To Take While Cleaning The Headstones

There are a few preventive measures that you have to take while cleaning the headstone. These measures will ensure the long life of the headstone.

  1. Never use the hot water to clean the headstone. Normal water will be enough for this purpose.
  2. Do not use harsh chemicals for cleaning purposes of the headstone.
  3. Always use a soft bristle brush for the cleaning because the hard bristle one will leave a mark on the headstone. And they will become permanent marks with time.
  4. Always wear gloves during the cleaning process. This is for your safety.

How To Clean A Headstone {Exact Cleaning Process}

Here is the list of steps that you have to perform to clean any headstone.

  1. The first step will be identifying the material of the headstone.
  2. Mix the cleaning agent in the water and then apply it all over the headstone. And now take a soft bristle brush and rub the surface gently. 
  3. Do more focus on the areas that have stains. And stop when you see that the solution of the headstone has started to become black due to the dirt.
  4. Now rinse the headstone. Drop the water from the head of the headstone.
  5. Now the last step will be the dying. Use a soft cloth and wipe the water from the headstone.
  6. This will help in removing the access water from the headstones. If you will leave that water as it is then it will make spots there. 
  7. So it is essential to clean the headtone with the help of a dry soft cloth.

These are the steps that you have to follow to clean any headstone. Make sure to follow all the preventive measures while cleaning.


In conclusion, Here is the guide on how to clean a headstone. The process is very simple and the process starts with identifying the headstone arterial. Because then you will use the best cleaning practice to clean the headstone.

The headstone cleaning is essential. Because it shows that you still love that person. And you remember him and her by doing this. This guide will help you to clean the headstone without any damage. So make sure to follow all the steps as it is for the best cleaning practice of the headstone.

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