How To Clean A Bullet {Help Guide}

How To Clean A Bullet {Help Guide}

Suppose you haven’t cleaned your bullets for a long time. Then this is your sign to clean your bullets. It is because the shots catch rust much more easily, so their maintenance increases a lot. If you have built then you have to clean them regularly. Because it is the only solution to make them work for a long time. Here is how to clean a bullet.

Some people think that bullet cleaning can damage the bullets and will not work after coming in contact with water. But this is all a myth. The truth is your bullet needs regular cleaning. These days bullet cleaning solutions are available in the market. So it makes the cleaning work a little easy.

Advantages Of Cleaning Bullets Regularly

If you are a firearm and do hunting from time to time then you have to maintain the cleaning process of the bullets. Here are some advantages of cleaning bullets regularly.

  1. Regular bullet cleaning prevents the bullet’s frame rust and collagen. These two are the main component that damages the bullets very quickly.
  2. Prevent the bullet from the harmful residue that was left behind after using the bullet.
  3. Dirty bullets then lose their target more easily. So for the accuracy of your gunpoint, you have to clean your bullets regularly.
  4. To ensure the long life of your bullets cleaning is necessary.

4 Different Methods To Clean A Bullet

#1. Use A Cup Of Vinegar

To make the best clean solution vinegar is the way. All you have to do is add salt to the vinegar solution. And kept the bullet in that solution for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes use clean water to rinse the bullets and your bullets are all clear.

You can use any type of vinegar for this purpose. This cleaning agent can be used for any type of bullet. So it does not harm the bullets.

#2. Use Lemon

Lemon is another great substance that helps in breaking down the dirt from the bullet and making them clean. All you have to do is make a solution after mixing lemon in water. You have to leave the bullets in this solution for some time.

And after that clean the bullets with the help of tissue paper. This way all your bullets will be cleaned. If you are looking for a mild solution than vinegar then this should be your choice. 

#3. Use Artificial Cleaning Agents

Artificial cleaning solutions are made especially for bullets. These solutions come according to the bullet type. So if you are using the copper bullet then you will use a different solution to clean the bullet than the iron bullets.

The process of these is very simple. All the cleaning solutions have time mentioned on them. So all you have to do is soak your bullets in that solution for a particular time limit.

It is safer than any other method. Because these solutions are specific for the use of cleaning bullets. 

#4. Use Baking Soda

If your bullets are very old then you can use baking soda to clean the bullet. Baking soda does not harm the outer part of the bullet. Hence keep the bullet safe. You have to mix the baking soda in white vinegar and salt. After that use a soft bristle brush to rub the paste over the bullet.

Rub for one minute and then clean with the help of normal water. This process is a little time-consuming but it will ensure the safety of your bullets.


In conclusion, here is how to clean a bullet. The process of cleaning a bullet is simple. All you have to do is use the right cleaning agents. And then your bullet will remain safe from the effect of cleaning agents.

Make sure that you do not soak the bullet in the solution for too long. As it can damage the inner parts of the bullets. Hope you all will find this helpful.

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