How To Claim Warranty On Flipkart {3 Ways}

How To Claim Warranty On Flipkart {3 Ways}

As a matter of fact, Flipkart is a popular online shopping platform that delivers millions of products all over. But how to claim a warranty on Flipkart is easy.

Here, we are going to tell you simple and easy steps to know the details regarding claiming the warranty of a certain product, you have purchased from Flipkart. Also, it is free of cost to claim a warranty on Flipkart.

How Can Able To Claim Warranty On Flipkart {3 Ways}

#1. Claiming A Warranty On Flipkart

It is totally free of cost to claim a warranty on Flipkart. You should have to just download your invoice for the product, going to be claimed. However, Flipkart already sends an invoice receipt with its product.

This shopping site gives a 10 days return policy to its customers. During these 10 days, customers may replace the product at no extra cost.

#2. Return Or Replacement Policy

Flipkart provides 10 days return window for any replacement. One can also simply click on the order tab, after opening the Flipkart app. After that find the return option and click on the return or, replace option.

Then Flipkart return team will help and guide you, through a step-by-step process to avail your claim.

#3. Customer Support By Flipkart

The customer service support representative assists the customer in how to claim a warranty on Flipkart. You just have to keep ready your order ID, date of purchase, product name, and serial number given on your invoice or, on the product box.

If required they will ask to give additional information like proof of purchase.

How To Return Or Replace The Flipkart Product?

A Flipkart representative will ask or guide you to pack the product, to be replaced or return back. Now, Flipkart makes all of the arrangements to pick up the product from its customer’s premises. However, sometimes Flipkart tells you to ship the desired product to the nearby service center if located within your reach.

Mostly they pick the product from their customer’s premises. Flipkart also provides an extended warranty with certain terms and conditions.

Resolution Period For The Claimed Product

When the claimed product reaches its service center, they try to resolve the product having a defect. If the product is under warranty period, it is easily resolved by them. They repair or, replace the product as soon as they could.

Finally, they dispatch your product to your premises without any hassle and with no charges.

Getting Updates From Flipkart

It has been advised by the team of Flipkart that always follow the terms and conditions of the Flipkart return or, replace policy properly. It always provides its customers with all of the updates regarding the claimed product.

As your product gets resolved, they will inform you on your registered phone number or, e-mail. They are ready to assist their valuable customer 24/7 on all business days.

End Note

Hope these given information must be helpful to you. If you have any issues, with your purchased product from Flipkart. Then don’t hesitate to claim the warranty on Flipkart. It is simple and hassle-free. Just try to contact the Flipkart team and they will short out your concern easily.

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