How To Charge Kangvape {Help Guide}

How To Charge Kangvape {Help Guide}

Here is how you can change your disposable vape at home. Use this simple method to make your own vape charger at home. How to charge kangvape steps are mentioned below in this article and make sure that you give it a good read.

To Learn How To Charge Kangvape

As a matter of fact, Kangvape is among the most popular vapes. These vapes are used worldwide. These are more nature-friendly than any other smoking device. People use Kangvapes as an alternative to cigarettes. These are also known as due of cigarettes. But vapes are more healthy than cigarettes. So, people prefer using vaping over cigarettes these days. However, If you are addicted to cigarettes then you will find it a bit difficult to switch on vapes. Because of nicotine addiction.

The only problem a vape has is the charging. Your vape runs on the battery and it needs to get charged once it is discharged. The problem becomes more serious because no company gives chargers for vapes. So either you vape after discharging or bought a vape charger from the market. Here are the tips for how to charge Kangvape.

Why vapes are better than cigarettes?

If you want to stop smoking cigarettes then vapes are a good option. Because it is really hard to leave cigarettes. So, vapes work as a healthy substitute for cigarettes. All cigarettes contain nicotine that is very harmful to the lungs and the whole body. But vaping is different. Vape does not contain nicotine in its liquid. The vaping liquid is flavoured. There are many flavours available in the market so you can choose any of your options. Also, the smoke from cigarettes is very harmful to the environment. So disposable vapes are always the saviour.

Price of disposable Kangvape in the market

All disposable vapes are very affordable. They are much cheaper than cigarettes. Because you buy one pack of cigarettes every day. But one disposable vape will run for months. So it is a steal deal. And it helps you to save some money. On average, you can get a disposable vape for $17. The price may slightly vary from company to company. Some of the vapes come with different designs and hence their prices are high. But they do the same work as any other vape. So it depends on your choice of what you want.

How to recharge a vape?

Want to charge kangvape then there are two options to recharge disposable vape. First is to buy a vape charger from the market and second is to make your charger at home. Vape chargers are very expensive compared to their price. So it will be better to just buy another vape rather than buy a new charger. A vape charger will cost you hundreds of dollars. So most people opt for the other method that makes your vape charger. A vape is a very tiny object so it does not take more than 15 to 20 minutes to charge it.

Things required to make vape charger at home

Here is the list of items that you will need to make a disposal vape charger at home. All these items are easily available at home. So you do not have to run anywhere to get these.

  • USB charger ( new or old it depends on your choice, but if you want to make an affordable charger then go with the old one )
  • Scissor
  • Knife
  • Tape
  • Twister
  • Screwdriver

That’s all the stuff you will need in this process.

Steps to make a disposable vape charger at home

Follow these steps to make the charger at home. Make sure that you do not skip any step.

  • Cut the USB cable from the lower end. Make sure that you just cut the connection part.
  • Now use your knives to peel the cable. Peel until you see some colourful wires.
  • Now make the wires visible a little and also peel different coloured wires a little.
  • Now use your screwdriver to remove the lower part of the vape.
  • You will see a battery sort of thing after removing the upper covering.
  • Connect the positive with red and the negative with the black wire of the USB cable.
  • Now twist both wires together and use tape to secure the joint.
  • Now connect to the charger and charge your vape.

You can use another cable too like an iPhone cable or a c type cable. But you will see many other colour wires there. And become more confusing for you if you are doing this for the first time. So try to do this with the USB cable for the first time. If you have tried the USB cable a couple of times then you can go with another charger.

Precautions while charging the vape with a homemade charger

If you are using the homemade charge then there are some precautions that you have to take although the risk in this process is negligible just for safety do these things.

  • The joint of the vape battery and the cable wire can give you a shock. So try to cover that joint with tape. And use transparent tape.
  • Wear slippers while charging the vape from the charger. Because the wire is small so you have to hold the vape for some time.
  • Do not connect the wires with the switches on and the charger connected to the electricity board.


In conclusion, it is easy to make a disposable vape charger at home. You will just need some simple things to do that. But along with the charger you have to take some precautions. All the necessary details for how to charge kangvape are mentioned above. With the help of this charger, you can charge your vape within 10 minutes. But remember the more you charge from it the more your vape will discharge soon. So, in the end, you have to buy another one. Still, the homemade charger is better than the hundred-dollar charger. So you can use this method to make your vape charger. Hope you will find this helpful.

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