To Learn How To Change Notes Password On Iphone/Ipad/MAC

Feature Image- To Learn How To Change Notes Password On Iphone/Ipad/MAC

Notes application is one of the most commonly used apps that allows you to save your information on your iPhone & mac devices. This app also provides you to put a password to secure your information privately. Apple notes passwords aren’t saved in the iCloud account or your device passwords. So, here we will deal with, How to change notes password. Also, create a new password for the notes.

Steps For How to change the Forgotten note password on iPhone or iPad Device

STEP-1: To reset the forgotten password of apple notes, you need to go to the setting option on your device. After opening the setting option on your device, go to the ‘Notes’ option. On the other hand, Are You unable to find the setting app on your iPhone device? In this case, You can try to use Apple’s built-in spotlight option here.

Notes iphone App

STEP-2: Then, click on the ‘Password’ option to appear in front of you.

Password option on iphone

STEP-3: If you forget your old password. You must have to click on the “Reset password” appearing in front of you on the screen. If you want to change the password right away, click on the option “Reset password”.

Reset password button link on iphone notes app

STEP-4:  Would you like to reset the old password for your Apple Note? Firstly, you need to enter the right Apple ID password to complete the verification process. You can enter your corresponding password and then click on the ‘ok’ button.

Apple id password asking prompt

STEP-5: A small dialogue box appears in front to confirm. If you decide to reset your original password then click on the “Reset Password” button.

Reset password confirmation prompt

STEP 6: Then you need to click on the Set password option. You have to verify it with your face ID. Then, enter your new password, and add some hint of your password. In case you forgot the password. You will be able to know the password by Seeing the hint word you have put before.

Set new password fields

To Learn the Steps For How to change the Forgotten note password on Mac

If, you are a user of Mac. Here we will tell you how to change your notes password easily and unlock the notes. As we know, passwords protect our notes but, sometimes we forget our passwords. Now we will step below about how to change notes password frequently:-

Follow the steps given below:-

STEP-1: You need to open the note app on your Mac screen. Go to the Menu bar and click the “Notes” option. A small dialogue box appears in front of you with various options. On the list of options, you can select “Preferences”.

STEP-2: And then a dialogue box will appear on the screen. Go to the end of the box then you will be able to see the ‘locked notes’ section. After that, you need to choose the location of the locked notes. Which will see whether you are part of your iCloud account or not stored on the Mac.

STEP-3: Below you will be able to see the option “Reset password”.

STEP-4: The screen displays a small popup option. If you want to reset the password for Apple Notes, confirm that you want to do so. You will need to click “Ok”.  

STEP-5: A simple dialogue box will appear in front of your screen. This prompt asks you to enter your Apple ID password. Just type in your Corresponding Apple ID password and then click on “OK”.

STEP-6: A confirmation box appears on the screen asking if you want to reset your old password. Click on the “Ok” option.

STEP-7: Next step you will need to enter the new password. Verify your password. Also, add a hint to the box. In case you forgot the password. After entering all the essential details, you need to click on the option given in below “Reset Password”.

Your Mac note password is changed. Now, you can access locked, secure notes that you create after resetting the password. You can also view notes on your device. 


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