How To Change Font Size On Telegram {Help Guide}

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Telegram has launched new features including font change. You can go to setting, then chat setting and then you can slide the message size option to. Archive your desirable size.

Font changing on telegram

Telegram was launched a few years back but it doesn’t gain much popularity. Most office people used this application for work purposes only. But these days telegrams have become very popular among people because of the changing privacy policies of apps like Whatsapp and Facebook. People feel safer on telegram hence the craze of the telegram is increasing day by day.

To maintain their customer’s telegram, they are also launching new features. One such feature is the font size of messages. Now you don’t need to change the setting of the whole phone, you can only change the text size on telegram without affecting other apps’ font size.

Step by step guide for how to change the font size on telegram?

You just need to follow these simple steps to change the size. Numerous size options are available on telegram.

Step-1: When you open the app, you see a three-line menu on the top left corner.

Telegram three dot line menu

Now select the option ‘Settings’ from that.

Telegram settings option

Step-2: Once you enter ‘Settings’ you will see the option ‘Chat Settings’. Go on that option.

Telegram chat settings option

Step-3: Now you will see a slide bar on the very top that says ‘message text size’.

Message text size screen under chat settings page

By moving the scale bar you can scale the font size. By going right the text size will increase and by going left it will decrease.

Scale the font size and font chat preview

Telegram also shows you previews for your selected size option. It also shows the font size number just in case you want to change that in the future. Now you don’t need to do anything just stop the slide bar on your desired size and it will automatically set the text setting.

Benefits of telegram text size feature

#1. As you all know that telegram is available for both android and IOS users so this feature is also available for both. The main drawback that happens in-app updates is that it varies for android and IOS users.

#2. People with poor vision can take advantage of this feature. Small text sizes create problems for poor vision people. Hence it is very good for that.

#3. Enhance the chatting experience.

#4. You can change that whenever you want and there is no restriction on how many times you can change that. Hence you can change this all day long if you want.


So now you guys know how to change the font size on telegram. Telegram is launching new features for its customers almost every month. This is a great platform and to today’s date, it is much safer than any other social media platform. Not only text size features but many other features like customization of chat, background, wallpaper, etc are available to enhance your app usage experience. If you haven’t tried this app then I will suggest you give it a try.

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