How to Cancel Noom (Membership and Trail Subscription)

How to Cancel Noom (Membership and Trail Subscription)

Noom is an app for weight loss and diet, and their membership plans range from a week to month to annual subscriptions. As every user have a different choice, canceling the subscription is pocket-friendly for your Finances. So, learn here How to Cancel Noom.

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This App has some unique terms for its user, like ending the free trial subscription plan, and you need to cancel prior 24 hours from the last day of subscription. Otherwise, it will be auto-renew.

So, to make your cancel subscription process hassle-free, here in this article, you will know some of the easiest and default processes to cancel Noom.

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How To Cancel Noom?

Now, as you have decided to fly away from the Noom App from your Mobile, the first step to cancel Noom Subscription is to land the Noom App on your Mobile.

STEP-1: Install The App 

For both things, you need Noom App, whether to cancel the Free Trial or Paid. If you have thrown the App from memory, reinstall it.

After installing the App, sign with your account, you have taken a subscription or Trail.

STEP-2: Send The Message 

After installing the App, you have to go through the next thing to message your goal specialist.

Click on the blue chat bubble located in the upper right corner of the application, you can just tap on it.

From there, message your Goal Specialist, and tell them you won’t continue further.

After, this you will get a system-generated link to make your way out. Tap on the link and cancel your subscription.

NOTE:- By cancel your subscription through the link, it doesn’t confirm that the subscription is canceled. You’ve to wait till you get the official cancellation message. 

How to Cancel Noom 7 Days Free Trail?

This cancelation page page of Noom, To Cancel Noom

If you have taken Noom’s 7 Days Free Trail and found it’s not your cup of tea, and you want to cancel it. You have to cancel your Noom account at least 24 hours before the start of the next billing cycle. If you haven’t canceled it, your next billing cycle has started.

If you’ve canceled after the trial, you need still to pay for it, and you can access it until the next billing cycle ends.

But you want a refund? check out Noom’s refund policy

How to Cancel Noom Membership on Android & iOS?

The process of canceling the Noom Subscription doesn’t alter much between Andriod and iOS.

On Android phones, the method is similar, and you need to talk to your goal specialist and get the link.
Same for iOS users, you have to use the same method. But you have the other option also.

Cancel Noom Subscription through iOS Device –

  • Unlock your iPhone, jump to the ‘settings‘.
  • Now you can find the option named ‘iTunes and App Store‘, and Tap.
  • Afterward, you can click on the ‘View Apple ID‘ here.
  • Sign-in to Apple Account.
  • Then, Go to ‘Subscription
  • Now, you’ll have the ability to view every subscription that you’re paying for. Look for Noom (If you can’t find Noom there, make sure to visit Noom App and check subscription.)
  • Look For Noom, Tap on it.
  • Finally, Tap on ‘Cancel Subscription

Now, wait for Confirmation Mail from Noom.

Noom Refund Policy

As Noom says, once you have taken the free seven-day trial, your subscription will auto-renew at the end of the trial period.

However, you need to cancel the subscription 24 hours prior to the last date to avoid this. That means, to stop payment reoccurring, you need to cancel the subscription on the 6th day.

What will happen if you were busy in life’s mess, and you have forgotten about it? Would you get a refund?

To get a refund from Noom, you need to contact their support team via filling a contact form. In this form, you need to tell them why you don’t want a subscription anymore and gently ask for a refund.

However, there are different forms for different plans. You need to find the contact form for your plans.

If you need further assistance, as we are not Noom, we don’t handle the queries; you can call or mail Noom.

To contact Noom –

*If you are calling outside of the USA or Canada, you need a VOIP number.

I hope you found this page helpful, and our website makes technology more straightforward, check out some related articles. 


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