How To Cancel Lyft Ride {Help Guide}

How To Cancel Lyft Ride {Help Guide}

Lyft needs no introduction as it is one of the most popular and biggest ride-sharing companies. Hundreds of thousands of customers highly recommend their services due to many reasons. The main reason behind their popularity and success is the freedom they provide to their customers. Now customers are highly nervous about ride cancellations, but in the case of Lyft, you don’t need to be nervous. The company offers easy ride cancellation and if you don’t know how to cancel a Lyft ride, follow this guide thoroughly.

To Learn How To Cancel Booked Ride?

So, If you have booked a ride and want to cancel it, you can easily do it. Follow the steps below, and your booked ride will cancel without any charge on your end.

> Once you have booked a ride, just tap on Edit at the bottom left corner of the screen.

> Once you tap on Edit, a small box will appear with multiple options. Here you have to tap on Cancel Ride.

> Once again, tap Cancel and your Lyft ride will be cancelled.

To Learn How To Cancel Lyft Ride Without Fees

Suppose you don’t want to pay any fees after cancellation; Try cancelling the ride as soon as possible. The company offers a cancellation window. This window remains open for 2-3 minutes after booking, and once this window is passed, you have to pay some cancellation fees.

Also, you must pay cancellation fees if the driver has approached your pickup destination. In simpler words, try to cancel the Lyft ride before a driver is assigned to you.

How To Cancel Scheduled Lyft Ride?

Cancelling a Scheduled ride is easy because you have time to cancel it. In the case of a booked ride, you have to do everything instantly, but in the case of a scheduled ride, there is no hurry. So if you want to cancel a scheduled Lyft ride, follow the below steps.

1) Once you open the Lyft application, you will see a calendar icon showing all your scheduled rides. Tap on the calendar icon.

2) Now you can see the X icon above every scheduled ride. Once you tap the X icon, your scheduled ride will be cancelled.

3) Just tap on Cancel as confirmation, and your Lyft ride will be cancelled instantly.

Here also you have to cancel the ride before a driver accepts your request. A little amount will be deducted once the driver is assigned. Overall the later you cancel your ride, the more you will be charged.


Lyft is a trusted ride-sharing company, so you can trust its cancellation service. They will never charge you money without any reason, and they have a proper cancellation policy. Everything, including the fee deduction percentage and pattern, is given to offer customers complete transparency. The best thing is they offer a proper cancellation window for every booked ride, and they share every detail with you regarding fee deduction and ride cancellation. Follow this guide and cancel the Lyft ride without paying any cancellation fees.

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