How To Buy Disney World Annual Pass {Help Guide}

How To Buy Disney World Annual Pass {Help Guide}

As a matter of fact, Disney World theme park is among the most loved themed park of all time. Children love to visit because they got to see so many cartoon characters. And it is a trip that one will always remember. The Walt Disney theme park gives an annual pass for entry. With the help of this pass, you can visit Disney World anytime in the period of that pass. Here is how to buy Disney World annual pass.

The process is simple. Yes, most people confuse about this. Along with the annual pass, you will get many other benefits too. If you have small children that love Disney characters then this will be a good deal for you. Because you can save hundreds of dollars with the help of this pass. 

Benefits Of Using The Disney Theme Park Annual Pass

There are many benefits that you can get with the help of these passes. Here are some of the main and important deals that you will grab with the help of your annual pass from Disney.

You have to make a reservation for entry into Disney World. Disney gives out a limited number of reservations. And on the busiest days, it becomes impossible to grab a reservation. So people made their reservations 7 to 8 months prior.

  1. You can enter Disney World anytime with the help of your pass. The pass will valid for a whole year. So you do not have to wait for the confirmed reservations.
  2. You can visit more than one theme park in one day with the help of these parks.
  3. You can buy the pass in installments. But for that, you should be above 18.

Along with all these Disney also have monthly passes but these passes are only available to Florida residents.

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Steps To Purchase Disney World Annual Pass

Here are the steps that you have to follow to buy Disney world annual pass. Make sure that you follow all these steps to get the passes. However, there is no sale or extra reservations for the passes.

So you can buy these passes anytime. You can buy these passes from the Disney website. So you have to visit their website for this.

Website URL-


You have to visit the Disney website to buy the passes. But remember they give out a limited number of passes every day. So you have to make sure that you’re visiting first. You might have to wait a little bit because of the crowds on the website.


Log into my Disney experience account. For this make sure that you use the right password. Because if you will select the forgot password option then it might result you in not getting the pass.


Once you logged in select the types of passes you want. And the number of passes that you are looking for. Do not add more numbers because then you will not get a single pass. So add a limited number and select your desired pass only.


After this, you will see an option to add others. In this you can add extra activities pass too. It will be optional if you want then you can add these too.


You can now select the option for the payment. You will have two options one in the monthly installment and the other pay in full. If you are living in Florida then you can go with the monthly payment option. But if not then you have to pay the full amount of the passes.


After adding the products to the cart all you have to do is select the purchase. And you will be good to go. You can check the passes again after adding them to the cart because there you have the option to edit that. But once you made the payment then there will be no going back.

Disadvantages Of Buying Disney Annual Passes

There are many benefits to buying Disney annual passes. But on the other hand, there are other disadvantages too. Here is a list of some common disadvantages that you will face after buying the Disney annual pass. 

  1. If you are below 18 then you have to take a person with you who is more than 18 years old. So this is the major drawback of these annual passes. 
  2. There is no refund available for the passes. So once you made the purchase then you can not ask for a refund. 
  3. You cannot cancel the passes membership in between the year.
  4. If you want to enjoy the two theme parks at once then you can only go in the first park. You have to go to the second park only when there is availability of the seats and person. 
  5. The activities are not included it passes. So these passes are only for entry. And if you want to enjoy the rides in the park then you have to buy them at your own cost. 

So these are some of the disadvantages. And you have to keep these in mind. However, all these are mentioned in the instructions section on the website. So it is advised to read the section before purchasing the passes. 

Price Of Disney Annual Passes

Different theme parks have different prices in Disney. You can also get a pass for all themes. That will be the total of every pass in Disney. The subtotal for that Disney incredible-pass is $1399. And the price will increase if you will add some extra rides with it. This is the price per person in Disney.


In conclusion here is how to buy Disney World annual pass. The process is simple but the waiting process to get the pass can be long. You may have to try too several days to get these passes.

Because these passe are always in demand. And seeing the demand Disney has limited the number of giving out passes per day. So to get the pass you have to log in early on the Disney website. 

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