How To Buster Farm Without Koyanskaya or Oberon?

How To Buster Farm Without Koyanskaya or Oberon

Fate/Grand Order is among the popular games all around the world. If you like playing this game then you should know that this game tries to pull the players. Here you have to use many strategies. Hence players find it amusing and can never leave this game in between. Here is the guide on how to buster farm without koyanskaya or Oberon because farming is one of the key aspects of this game.

The two main workers of this game are Koyanskaya and Oberon. Without these farming is much hard but it is not impossible. Here are the ways that you can use to farm without these two. If you follow the right strategies you can do farming very easily here.

Basics About Buster Farming

Before understanding how you will farm without these you have to know about the basics of buster farming. The whole process involves the use of servants and all in your game. And the craft Essences that boost the power of Buster cards, one of the game’s three primary card types.

Farming refers to the repetitive process of grinding for specific materials or resources, such as QP, experience cards, or event currency.

Tips For How To Buster Farm Without Koyanskaya or Oberon?

Here are some valid tips for farming without these two important servants. Make sure that you try all of these techniques. However, the number of cards you have affects the farming process and thus of services in this process. 

#1. Use Autopilot Mode

With the help of this tool, you can do automatic farming. This will work best even if you have low resources. You have to set the autopilot program in those parts of the game where you want to do farming.

It is not the best way to do farming without Koyanskaya or Oberon. But it will also help you in utilizing all your resources and it will save a lot of time for you.

#2. Use Oculus

If you are using the AI in this game this will work best for you. It is the best replacement for the Koyanskaya or Oberon. This tool allows you to customize the whole farming.

By doing this you can reduce the chance of invasions and other potential dangers from farming. For effective farming, it is the best tool. Also, you can use these tools to put yourself in the top position in the faring. 

#3. Use Different Bonuses

If you have enough amount to gold and QP then you can use them very effectively. But for this, you have to make a strategy.  Where you can strategically use all your money. Try to invest in these servants.

But not in any servant you have to buy those servants that have more than 4 stars. These servants will work at their best for the farm. Adnehcne you can farm easily without the Koyanskaya or Oberon.

#4. Use Special Events To Farm

Events like dropping more items from the plane have the power to let you farm effectively. Here as a reward, you can farm without using your servants and other resources. Hence participating in these events and completing these on time can help you in garming a lot.

Because in the end, you do not have to depend on limited resources for the faring. It also increases the speed of farming in this game.

#5. Effective Team Composition

If you’re missing Koyanskaya or Oberon in your team then you have to rebuild your team. Now you will build the team in such a way that will help you in completing the space of Koyanskaya or Oberon. It is not impossible.

Here is the format of a team that you can use in your game for effective farming. So with the help of this team, you can do the same amount of effective farming as you were doing with Koyanskaya or Oberon.

  • Main damage dealer
  • Support servant 1
  • Support servant 2
  • Mystic code
  • Craft essences
  • Card rotation

Use this team for better working on your farm and to get the best possible result in no time.

Why Buster Farming Is Used In This Game?

Farming is an essential part of this game. Here with the help of farming essential resources are grown. If there’s no farming there will be no interest in this game.

This game provides the best farming expense. So you can buy servants and add equity around your farm. And do many more things.


In conclusion, Here is how to Buster farm without Koyanskaya or Oberon. The process is simple if you will use the right resources. Here is the list of the best alternatives that you can use. Also, you can create a team that can help you in doing the farming with great speed and more. So make sure that you try all these.

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