How To Breed Deedge {A Guide}

How To Breed Deedge {A Guide}

If you are a fan of “My Singing Monster” then you must have heard about the deedge monster. It is one of the most popular monsters in this game. This monster is among the furry monsters and has a blue appearance. But the question here is how to breed deedge. Because this monster is not easy to get.

If you have reached level 9 of this game only then you can access this monster. One of the specialties of this monster is that it has speakers on its head. And they use the ice cube blocks to produce the sound.

Combinations To Produce Deedge

You will need some specific combinations to produce this monster. And with every combination, the characteristics of this monster will change.

Here is a different combination that you have to choose from to breed deedge.

  • Dandidoo + maw
  • Quibble + furcorn
  • Congle + potbelly
  • Thumpies + toe jammer

All these combinations are successful in producing this monster. But if you ask about the best combination then thumpies and toe jammer will be the best. The monster deedge that produce from this combination has a high success rate and excellent characteristics. 

Time For How To breed Deedge

Deedge monster took more time to breed. The normal time of the breeding is 24 hours. However, you can reduce this time if you have some coins and diamonds. If you’re willing to use them then you can reduce the time of breeding. These coins fast forward the time and hence give out the monster in less time.

Feeding To Breed Deedge

One monster feeds and then reaches the next level. As you increase the level of a monster you will increase your coins as well. But for this you have to ensure that deedge should feed fout time is a day. And it is essential to do this. So you have to take care of the feeding time. Make sure that you keep track of the feeding. Overfeeding can cause harm as well. 

Precautions While Breeding Deedge

There are some precautions that you have to consider.

  1. Make sure that you breed deedge on cold shugabush island.
  2. Before you start breeding make sure that you have the basic combination of the monsters.
  3. Do not forget to feed the monster.
  4. Check after the breeding time is over. You can set an alarm to remember the breeding time.
  5. Make sure that you have reached level 9 to access this monster.


In conclusion, Here is how to breed deedge. If you have all the basic things you can breed this monster very easily. This monster can increase happiness by up to 25% in combination with any other monster.

If you have coins then do not be afraid to use those coins to reduce the breeding time. Hope you all will find this helpful. 

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