How To Breed Bowgart?

How To Breed Bowgart

There is a popular monster in the game of my singing monsters and its snake is Bowgart. It is famous because of its features. But the common question is how to breed bowgart. It is not easy to breed this monster as it requires special monitoring and all.

This monster has many arms on its body. And he uses his arms to create different instruments. You can use these instruments later in the game. Hence it is a useful monster for my singing monster lovers. Here is more about this monster and its uses.

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Breeding Combinations Of Bowgart

You will require some special specific combinations to breed bowgart. Remember that every combination that you will use to create will have different features.

So it depends on you what type of bowgart you want to create. Here is the possible combination that can create bowgart.

  1. Maw + potbelly = bowgart
  2. Oaktopus + mammott = bowgart
  3. Fur corn + toejammer = bowgart

If you want to create a very rare bowgart then you should go with the combination of maw and potbelly. The monster created with this combination has special powers as well.

Time And Level Necessary To Grow Bowgart

If you are on level 9 of this game then you can breed this monster. The breeding time is 12 hours for this monster and it can be expanded to 9 hours more.

However, you can use your diamonds and coins to make the process faster. If you have 50 diamonds then you can grow bowgart in no time.

Powers Of Bowgart

This monster has some special powers. It is a three-element monster and the elements that make this monster are plant, cold, and water elements. It can help you in increasing coin production. The music that Bowgart plays is the cello. 


In conclusion, here is how to breed Bowgart. The process is simple and easy. the first thing that you have to focus on is the breeding combination. The breeding combination should be correct. Otherwise, it will end up making some other monster.

If you do not have time then you can use your diamonds to grow these monsters. For this, you have to collect all the diamonds priorly. 

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