How To Breed a Congle {A Guide}

How To Breed a Congle {A Guide}

My singing monsters is a very popular and fun game this is easy you will find a lot of people playing this. Here you breed monsters based on the combinations and the song’s nature. This guide is about the Congle egg. It is a monster in this game. Here is the guide for how to breed Congle. It is one of the most popular monsters of my singing monsters. But the breeding process of this monster is not easy.

This guide will help you on growing this monster very quickly and effectively. So if you’re also looking for some effective way to grow congle then You are at the right place. 

Combinations that can breed Congle

It is important to know the breeding structure of Congle. Because if you do not know the combination then how will you grow Congle. Here is the list of combinations that can grow a Congle.

  1. Tweedle + Mow = Congle
  2. Toe jammer + Pango = Congle
  3. Mammott + Quibble = Congle

So you can grow Congle with the help of these combinations only. Different combinations Congle will have different features. But if you will ask for the best combination then it will be the second combination.

This combination of Congle has some different abilities. And it is the best Congle that you can get from any other combination. 

Tips to breed (grow) Congle faster

Here are some tips that you can use to grow the congle faster. Mak is sure that you follow all to get the best possible results. 

  1. Make sure that you feed your monsters four times a day. This way they will each to the next level. Otherwise, the process will stop in between.
  2. Do not put eggs in the nursery. Because if you do not have enough amount then you will not be able to access the egg. Hence keeping it with you is the best possible solution.
  3. If you have enough diamonds then use the diamonds to speed up the process.

Average time to grow Congle

Every monster has a different time to grow. The same is with the Congle. A Congle takes 12 hours to grow. However, some factors can speed up the breeding process. Using your diamonds and coins is the best way to grow them faster.

If you will not forge to stop feeding the monster and the feeding time does not delay ten it will grow within 12 hours. But if you skip a meal then it will take more than 12 hours. So the time of 12 hours is not fixed for every monster.


In conclusion, here is how to breed a Congle. In fact, Congle is a  three lament monster. So it is a very rare monster. It is hard to grow this. But if you have dedication then you can do this in no time. Make sure that you have enough diamonds and coins to collect the combination monsters. 

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