How To Block Neighbor’s Security Camera – 6 ways

How To Block Neighbor's Security Camera - 6 ways

So you dont know how to block neighbor’s security camera? Well CCTV cameras are the special guards that our generations are gifted with. As we can’t monitor our homes all the time, it’s always legal and convenient for us to install CCTV cameras. So that we can monitor them anytime and anywhere through mobile phones, especially when we are out of town. But what makes the most crucial part is that when our neighbor installs cameras – it not only is safe for us but it does intrude on our privacies as well.

Let’s make this complication easy and simple by learning how to block a neighbor’s security camera. So there are many ways to block the camera and have your privacies all back!

Let’s get started!

CCTV Security Camera

#1. Analyze the CCTV As Real Or Fake:

Firstly, before want to block the camera, we should be always careful about whether the camera is real or fake.

Because now in these days many people just want to fool around thieves by simply installing a fake camera on their roof which is also considered for safety purposes.

Although it seems funny still we can see some practices in our neighborhood. So always ensure that your neighbor’s camera is real or fake. 

But again how could we identify that the camera is real or fake?

For this, you need to know that real cameras always emit infrared rays which are probably visible under darkness mostly at night. 

So if the camera is real we can see them emit red infrared rays at night or under darkness.

So buddy go check your neighbor’s camera whether it emits these red rays.

This check has a small clarity, Original cameras have mild infrared rays whereas, fake cameras have strong bright red lights thus, they can be easily identified.

The below picture shows a fake camera with having bright red light:

Analyze the CCTV As Real Or Fake

#2. Talk To Your Neighbor & Block Security Camera

This is the most practical and genuine advice that I would give to you.

Go and have an open communication with your neighbor.

Talk to them, explain to them why it’s bothering you. Have a very good approach to them.

Don’t be rude, we humans in all around the world and have natural anger issues especially when our neighbor’s coconut or the branch from the coconut tree falls from their fence to ours we will always have an argument or even fight with them.

Talk To Your Neighbor- How To Bloack Neighbor's Security Camera Guide

So be polite with them.

Make them understand your privacies and show them some ways to achieve it.

The only way that you could show them is by redirecting their camera a little bit from the original position to somewhere will help you a lot.

If their camera is pointing towards your bedroom or bathroom and you have a window in it, it might be somewhat uncomfortable for you.

I understand your despair which is why I’m explaining. Your neighbour won’t be aware of their camera’s direction towards your window or bedroom.

So we can’t blindly blame them. If he or she is nasty and doesn’t hear any of your queries then stand up and take these measures no matter what.

So here me out till the end I’m sure it will help you out!

#3. Ask For Help From The Mediator

As said if he or she is very nasty and doesn’t listen up, go to a mediator and ask for their help.

Explain to them why it is bothering you.

Tell them where their cameras are pointing toward your home and give details about your privacy issues and your neighbor’s violation of your conversation with them.

Ask For Help From The Mediator

A mediator will surely help you and your neighbor with the right decision. So it’s always good to consult them.

#4. Contact Your Lawyer Or Police

Despite your effort in eagerly having an open communication with your neighbor and consulting a mediator for help. If nothing works out in your way then don’t give up, and don’t hesitate to reach out to your local police station or a local lawyer.

It’s one of the legal and best ways to address this situation.

They will file a complaint against your neighbor for violating your privacy policies.

Contact Your Lawyer Or Police - How To Bloack Neighbor's Security Camera - 6 ways

Under this pressure, they might come your way and listen to you.

#5. Install Grown Trees Or Objects To Distract CCTV

If you do not want to involve any mediator or if you are so hesitant to be involved in a  police complaint, don’t worry there are many ways to block your neighbor’s CCTV camera.

One of the best ways that I loved to know so far is installing grown trees, shrubs, and other objects that would deviate the camera from observing your movements.

It’s also one of the fanciest and most decorative things as well. If their camera is pointing towards your window or bedroom, you can install these grown trees from shops to keep in the place exactly where the camera is pointing.

I’m sure it won’t look odd or weird.

It will also make your home look fresh and green.

Install Grown Trees Or Objects To Distract CCTV

Top 10 Fancy Garden Trees:

  • Ornamental pear 
  • Magnolia grandiflora 
  • Holm oak 
  • English holly 
  • Amelanchier lamarkii 
  • Hornbeam 
  • Ornamental cherry 
  • Crab apple tree 
  • Cherry Laurel 
  • Amelanchier

#6. Objects To Deviate From The Camera

I’ve also found some objects that will help in our mission called How to Block Neighbor’s camera.

These objects will surely confuse your neighbor’s camera and won’t show any movements from your side. 

These objects should only be used against privacy violation purposes. So it shouldn’t be used for any illegal activities. Let’s know them!

Install Bright Light Helps To Block Neighbor’s Security Camera

Installing bright lights like IR lights or illuminating lights towards the camera will not show any images in the CCTV camera.

It also has its advantage for legal usage you can only use them for a shorter period since strong IR lights or LED lights can damage or disable the camera.

Also only at night time flashing IR light works. So be very cautious about using them.

Install Window Films

Installing window films is also cost-effective and can be found in local and online stores. These private films in the daytime work well. There are also many types it and they include:

Types of privacy window film

  • Reflective
  • Tinted
  • Translucent
  • Opaque

Install Window Films - How To Bloack Neighbor's Security Camera

Install Camera Jammers

This requires a huge work which is why I mentioned it last.

This is because jamming the camera requires a lot of information about the camera broadcast frequency and the correct equipment or tool to jam that frequency.

Only the persons who have experience in jamming the CCTV cameras can do this effectively.


To sum up, it’s always essential to follow neighbors’ privacy policies as they do have some privacy issues with your CCTV installations. If anyone reading this article wants to install a CCTV camera in their home always ask your neighbor about the pointing position of the camera doesn’t make them uncomfortable.

Also cutting the wires of the camera leads to strict malpractices. So use the methods wisely and follow the above-mentioned methods on how to block a neighbor’s camera, do let me know in the comment section about what’s your favorite part of my blog, and let me know if anything worked out for you.

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