How To Best Organize My Close Up Magic Tricks?

How To Best Organize My Close Up Magic Tricks

In this article, all you need to know about how to best organize my close-up magic tricks. Here is how to organize your magic tricks as a magician. You can use other magnet tricks too. But these tricks will become your base. So, you have to make sure that you follow all these. Also, these tricks will also improve your tricks. and keep an eye on all your tricks.

How To Best Organize My Close Up Magic Tricks?

As a matter of fact, Professional magicians have a lot to do. There are so many tricks that you should remember and so many small things in magic that need to be organized. It is very easy to forget things in the close-up magic tricks. Most of the close-up magic things are very small. There are small loops that magicians have to take with so much perfection. So managing life and magic things is very important for magicians. Here is how to best organize my close-up magic tricks.

If you are a magician then you should read this carefully. If you are a beginner then you need to read this. Because you have to prepare all these things from the beginning. Otherwise, you will face many problems in the future with magic tricks.

Maintain A Dairy To Keep A Record Of All The Tricks

Card tricks, mind reading and there are many more tricks in close-up magic. You may practice these days but you should maintain a record of all the tricks. The best way to do this is to maintain a diary for all the tricks. With tricks try to write the possible mistakes associated with that trick. So that every time you read a trick you read the weak point too. This way you can avoid making many mistakes in your beginning days.

Keep A Record Of Your Magic Stuff

You should always know how much magic stuff you have and how much you need. Make sure that you always keep the stuff in advance. This will help you on urgent days when you will quickly need the new stuff. Stuff-like deck of cards damages easily. So make sure that you keep extra stuff with you. And it is very important to keep the in-use and the extra stuff separate. This will also help to separate old and new stuff.

Practice As Much As You Can

The more you practice the more your skills will improve in magic. And then you can play the trick with more fluency. Try to fix some hours in the day just for practice. Make sure that you are alone in front of a mirror and then practice. Do not compromise with your practice time. Try to find some quiet time in the day. The practice is like meditation. You become focused on the practice and then you start to improve yourself. So do not stop your practice.

Use Different Storage Containers

The important step to keep things in a good condition is the storage process. Make sure that you use different containers for the different equipment. This will not only help the stuff safe but will help you organize your stuff. You can label the different containers. And keep them in separate racks. There are plenty of different organizers available on amazon. You can choose any of them. You can categorize the stuff according to your work with different colors. Make sure these organizers are strong enough to hold all your stuff.

Build Separate Space For Your Magic

It is really important to keep all the magic stuff in one place. So that you do not have to search here and there for the stuff at the time. Make sure that you keep the stuff close to yourself. So that you can easily access the stuff and you can practice any time you want.

Why Organization Is Important For The Magicians?

The organization plays a really important role in the magician’s life. Magic is all about. So the first step to a learning organization is through management. Along with that, you should never leave your practice. It is like your daily medicine. There is a high chance of misplacing the stuff during the magic trick. So make sure that you manage all the magic things all by yourself. This way you will remain aware of what you need the most.

Make A Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet that you will prepare will have the details of all your magic tricks. Like the price of all the stuff that is used in the magic trick. And the type of magic trick. Make sure that you categorize all your magic tricks. Keep updated with the latest version of the tricks. You can also add the latest stuff required for the trick in that spreadsheet.


In conclusion, here is how you can manage your magic things. Magicians need to be organized. This will have a long-term effect on your life. There are many different apps that you can use to manage your magic tricks. This article will give you some important information about managing magic things.

Try to follow all the tricks to manage the stuff and you will never fail. The more organized your magic tricks are, the more smoothly you can do any tricks. Hope you all will find how to best organize my close up magic tricks and this is helpful.

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