How To Become A Demonologist – 5 Essential Steps

How To Become A Demonologist - 5 Essential Steps

Becoming an expert demonologist is one of the most difficult professions with lots of personal & professional risks. This is one of the very few professions in which only highly passionate people are involved. Because it’s not like any regular profession that anyone can practice. Now, one of the biggest reasons behind very few people practicing Demonolgy is the lack of knowledge about where & how to start. So if you are also thinking about how to become a demonologist, you are in the right place.

Before purchasing any course, degree, or training, it’s important to know the process of becoming a demonologist. Let’s start without any delay.

Who is A Demonologist?

Becoming a demonologist is not easy, and you have to know about demonology first before learning how to become a demonologist. Demonologist is directly and wholly connected to Demonology. Demonology is the study of demons or spirits with respect to any religion, culture, or myth. It is not a highly popular and recognizable profession. But people with high experience and knowledge are appreciated. A demonologist is a very complex profession with continuous learning and facing unreal challenges throughout life.

Demons is a controversial topic in this modern world, and people with different beliefs have different opinions on the topic. However, multiple theories, activities, and controversial proofs from time to time came forward that didn’t completely deny the existence of demons. 

How To Become A Demonologist – Follow 5 Steps

Like other professional courses, there are no direct courses or educational training for Demonology. So you have to follow other related courses, continuous learning, understanding historical contexts, etc, to achieve a demonologist.

Here is 5 five-step process for how to become a demonologist.

#1. Extreme Passion & Will Power

Extreme Passion & Will Power

This is the most important thing you have to look inside yourself if you want to become a demonologist. Demonology is a completely different branch involving multiple risks at different levels. So, if you have an extreme passion for demonology and you aren’t afraid of anything, then only go for it.

Your strong willpower and mental health are very important to studying paranormal phenomena & activities; Otherwise, it can risk your whole life. Be ready to deal with unrealistic concepts, activities, and, of course, creations.

#2. Make Books Your Companion

Make Books Your Companion

Though no direct course is available for Demonology, there are multiple books on the same. You have to read every book related to demonology, paranormal phenomena, psychology, parapsychology, history, etc. Apart from this, you must dig deep into religious books, sculptures, independent texts, and everything that has a connection with demons, spirits, etc.

You will find massive amounts of information about religious books of every religion, including Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, etc. You can also take the help of mythological books and texts. Ultimately, you have to make books your all-time companion.

#3. Get A Degree In Parapsychology

Get A Degree In Parapsychology

We all have heard scientists and experts connect demons and other paranormal phenomena with human psychology. So you have to indulge in Psychology courses, especially Parapsychology. Parapsychology directly deals with the concepts, theories, and claims related to the paranormal world. In simple words, it is the study of alleged psychic phenomena. Getting a degree in parapsychology is not a confirmation that you are a demonologist. But yes, it will let you understand the paranormal world and related claims in a better way. You also get a recognized degree supporting your career.

Very few universities offer Parapsychology courses. But you can also learn parapsychology with the help of books, articles, study materials, research papers, and other materials available online.

#4. Research

Research - How To Become A Demonologist

Once you have gained enough knowledge, try to learn more by researching. It means acquiring knowledge from the real world. In simple words, try to research real-world facts, historical activities, documentaries, news, and public experiences related to demons, ghosts, paranormal activities, and any mysterious claim. The only thing you have to remember for How to become a demonologist is to focus on your mental health and be ready to learn throughout your life.

Knowledge from these sources will let you understand practical implementation and implications. It will prove to be a game changer in your professional life.

#5. Practice, Learn And Practice

Practice, Learn And Practice

Demonology involves lifetime learning and extensive practicing. You have to follow the Practice, Learn, and Practice loop in your entire life. The more you practice, the more you learn, and the more you learn, the more interest you will develop. You can start practicing by looking into your home and surroundings.

When you gain knowledge about Demonology, you will find the existence of a paranormal world and activities everywhere. From visiting historical, controversial, and cursed sites to solving religious and paranormal beliefs & myths, there are multiple ways to practice your profession.

Wrapping Up

Though demonology is a difficult and unpopular study, if you are really interested in it, you will find it exciting, full of unreal experiences, and extremely satisfactory. All you need to do is focus on your mental health and learn all the experiences throughout your entire phase of life. Now that you know How to become a demonologist, you can start your career anytime.

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