How To Beat Must Escape the Haunted House – A Quick Guide

How To Beat Must Escape the Haunted House - A Quick Guide

How to Beat Must Escape the Haunted House” lives up to the high caliber of point-and-click puzzle games and escape rooms that Cool Math Games is known for. This game features a timer, unlike its predecessor, Must Escape the Wizard’s Castle. Though it is more enjoyable to attempt to play quickly, there isn’t a set amount of time. Additionally, since the game is free, you can just keep playing it after you’ve solved every riddle.

The thrills and realistic experience of escape rooms are unmatched by other gaming genres. As players must solve puzzles and riddles to escape a closed room. The game Must Escape the Haunted House from Cool Math Games is not an exception. This game will definitely make your pulse race with its captivating plot, moody surroundings, and challenging puzzles. We’ll give you a thorough walkthrough in this blog post to show you how to beat must escape the haunted house.

The game’s controls are simple to understand: you follow the green arrows to walk about, click items to gather them, put them in your inventory, and then click a spot to utilize them. You can always return to the loading screen by clicking the Menu button (bottom right of the screen) if you’re attempting to have fun but need to consult these instructions as you play. Press Start once you’re prepared to restart. Alternatively, you can select New Game to begin over and aim for an even more optimal experience.

How To Beat Must Escape the Haunted House?

Starting off to defeat “Must Escape the Haunted House,” take the following actions:

  1. Gathering the Gold Key and Torch
  2. From the opening screen, start by moving right (a1).
  3. Seize the torch located on your right.
  4. To obtain a Lit Torch, use your torch on the wall torch (b1) after making two left movements.
  5. Proceed right twice, get the Gold Key, and scare away a spider (a2) with the Lit Torch.
  6. Make two more left turns, then open a door (b1) with the Gold Key and go through it.

Cracking the Bookshelf Myth

  1. Click the lone red book on the bookshelf (c1) in the new room to see the following six words: trick, trap, trolls, shrew, hush, and deface.
  2. Triangle, Octagon, Square, and Five-Pointed Star are the four symbols (c3) that become visible when you use your Lit Torch (c2) to light the fire in the fireplace.
  3. Proceed to the right after removing the Skeleton Key from the dragon’s mouth (c4).

Glass Dome Opening

  1. To unlock it, click the glass dome on the table (d1) and enter the four-digit code (3-8-4-5) determined by the shapes above the fireplace. You’ll discover the Cheese within.
  2. Look at the green book (d2), which has the following letters: A (top right), C (bottom right), B (bottom left), and D (top left).

How To Open The Skull Shield?

  1. Go back to the room where the shield has the skull on it (b2), then click the ends of the bones in the order the green book indicates.
  2. Take the Green Gem out of the skull’s gaping mouth.

Applying the Keys and Cheese

  1. To get the Key, return to the initial screen and insert the Cheese into the mouse hole (e1).
  2. To access a new chamber, use this Key to open the door to the right (a3).
  3. To obtain another Green Gem, play the piano (f1) and press the keys that spell “DEFACE” according to the red book. Remember to gather the Stool (f2).
  4. Make a note of the colors of the chairs in the room with the crosses (g1): green, yellow, red, blue, blue, and yellow.
  5. When you get back to the room with the case (c5), make sure the panels are adjusted to match the color of the chair.
  6. A third Green Gem can be found by clicking the lock button.

Finishing the Game

  1. Return to the bench-lined chamber, check the box on the table (g2), and put the Green Gems in there to get the second Skeleton Key.
  2. Go back to the room (c), where the case is now on the floor, and turn left. To get your third Skeleton Key, use the window’s stool (h1).
  3. Return to the beginning area, open the main door (e2) using the three Skeleton Keys, and click the newly added green arrow above the door to exit the Haunted House.


So, here’s a list of steps to help you speed through how to beat must Escape the Haunted House if that’s your goal. In the beginning, it takes some time to understand any game but once you’re familiar with this game, you don’t need to go back and look for certain hints or locations.

You can save your precious time and make your getaway as quickly as possible. You may, for instance, unzip the suitcase without first examining the books and benches.

In the end, Must Escape the Haunted House is a captivating escape room experience. You can’t escape that quickly. So you must use the best strategy to complete this successfully. And if you have more expertise in this gaming then surely you can do whatever you want here.

I am sure that this guide will definitely give you a clear idea of how to overcome all the hurdles in this article by reading this article. And I hope you will have a good understanding here with the guide to get the necessary items and solve the haunted house puzzles without any trouble. What then? Scatter all your thoughts here and get ready for a new heroic adventure. Thanks!

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