How To Be Born In Connecticut In Bitlife?

How To Be Born In Connecticut In Bitlife

If you want to be born in your desired state in Bitlife then you can follow the following steps that will help you to be born in your desired state.


As we all know that many games are popular nowadays and we all love to play games. Now games are not only physical but you can also play them on your PCs and smartphones. One of the most popular games is Bitlife. In addition, Bitlife is a game in which you play the role of a character and design his full life according to you. You will face many challenges in Bitlife. Moreover, Bitlife is full of adventures and a highly rated game. There are many challenges like completing the Gilmore girls challenge etc. So basically, it is a very fun game that will make you happy.

Many people ask how to be born in Connecticut in Bitlife. Many people also use the Bitlife guide for that but here we’ll tell you how to be born in Connecticut in Bitlife.

How was I born in Connecticut for Bitlife?

1) So, when you will open the game you have to select the gender and name of your character in the game.

2) As soon as that is done, you will have to choose the birthplace of your character.

3) Then, You can choose your desired birthplace carefully is one of the most important things to consider here.

4) You want to be born in Connecticut. So, The first thing you can do is to select the United States of America in the country column.

5) Now, You will face a problem finding Connecticut in Bitlife because when you will search Connecticut then no result will appear because it is a state and you have to select a particular city here.

6) So, now we have to select from cities in Connecticut. If you are born in a city which is in Connecticut then you’ll automatically be born in Connecticut.

Now, which city is it going to be in?

You have to select Hartford in the city section. After that, you will be born in Connecticut and now you can enjoy the Bitlife game by playing a character from Connecticut.


As a matter of fact, Bitlife is a real-life based game that you should play because it is very fun. Also, it is recommended for the 16+age group because it may contain some sexual and violent content that kids should not consume. You can easily select your state if you follow the above-given steps.

Not only Connecticut but this trich applies to other states too. So, now you guys know how to be born in Connecticut in Bitlife and also in whichever state you want. If you follow the steps exactly then you will face no problem at all.

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