How to be a sissy {True Guide}

How to be a sissy {True Guide}

Being a sissy is not easy. First of all, You have to prepare yourself both mentally and physically. However, being a sissy is a choice so you can reverse that anytime. Here are all the tips for how to be a sissy. Read them if you want to be one.

So the question is how to be a sissy

In our current society, the male character is seen as the dominant. While the female character is the symbol of recessiveness. Hence men are always seen as powerful people. But some men do not want themselves to be seen as the dominant ones. These men are the same as you and me. They are just different in terms of behavior and liking. As a society, we base our judgment of a person on the way they behave in the world around them. Hence for sync men, it is really hard to be in society.

However, many men accept their feelings and want to be the one they want. These men have enough guts to show themselves as they are. These men are called sissy. They are different in terms of behavior. Here is a full guide about how to be a sissy.

What is a sissy?

Some people think that sissy men are transgender. But it is not true. It is completely the opposite. Unlike transgender people, sissy men do not want to change their gender identity. They are happy in their gender. It is just that they want to be recessive in any physical relationship. The sense of dominancy arouses them and leads them to sexual intercourse. So in simple terms, the sissy is the man that likes to play a recessive character. They are different from the men’s stereotype image. However, it does not mean that they are transgender. Men that are straight and homosexual galls under this category.

Facts about sissy

There are some known facts about the sissy. If you are willing to become a sissy or if you are interested in sissy. You should know about these facts. These will help you to learn more about sissy and help you to become one.

1) Sissification is a choice, not a genetic thing. So remember that this is always reversible. It is not like you can not change this.

2) Sissy men like to role play more. They like to play roles during the day as well as in bed. It is like their favorite thing. Because in role play they tend to express themselves more.

3) Sissy does not masturbate. They prevent themselves from doing this.

4) Sisy is a very feminist person. It is not like they are born with all the feminism and all. They made a conscious choice to become a feminized person.

5) Sexual arousing and fantasy role play is a common part of their life. Like the role pay of a bartender and maid. All of these arouse them and they use role-play during sexual intercourse.

After reading all these facts you will understand the preferences of the sissy and what their characteristics are.

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Learn the things: How to become a sissy?

There are both physical and mental characteristics that you will need to become a sissy. If you will acquire those characteristics within you then you will become a sissy. However, it is important to keep in mind that you will need to prepare yourself both mentally and physically.

Of course, Physical appearance matters the most and without mental dedication, you will not remain on your dedication. The criticism will weaken you so be prepared in advance. When you become fully prepared only then start working in this direction.

Physical changes that will need to be a sissy

The physical changes occur in the sissy. These changes are very similar to women. Hence they start to behave like women. They do all things that are done by women. For example waxing, threading, and laser hair removal. Sitting to pee, walking like women, crossing their legs while sitting. So, they do all sorts of things that make them look like girls.

Some serious sissy also takes the female hormone injection to make the appearance more like females. Hence narrow minds and weak-minded people can not adapt to sissy. Because society sees them differently. And it is not easy to behave like the opposite gender. Especially in public. This is the reason why sissy faces more humiliation in real life.

Physiological change that will need to be a sissy

The physical change that a sissy needs is a change in the thought process of a  person. The first step towards physiological change is the name. If you want to be a sissy then change your name into a feminine name. It will give you more sense of your path.

You will need to make your mind stronger. So it is suggested to watch more sissy-related content. Trying to listen to the struggles of other sissies and how they overcome them will make a big difference. Because at some level you will face the same kind of criticism.

Another thing is to explore the sexual work of sissy. To know more about this you have to watch tons of videos. Only then you will understand the true meaning of sexual pleasure for the sissy. and how they achieve them.  There is plenty of content available on youtube about sissy, you can find every material very easily.


In conclusion, it is not easy to become a sissy. Because of society. In society being a sissy is always compared to a transgender. However, the meaning of both terms is the opposite. If you want to be a sissy then you have to prepare in two terms. First mentality and then physical. Mental strength is more important. However, our physical appearance will define us.

Here are the things that you need to become sissy. Make sure you follow them right. Hope you will find this helpful.

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