How To Attach A Guitar Strap {Easy Guide}

How To Attach A Guitar Strap {Easy Guide}

Here is how you can attach the strap to your guitar. it is a very easy process. first you need to attach the strap pins to the guitar and then the main strap to the guitar and the whole process takes only a few minutes.

To Learn How To Attach A Guitar Strap

As a matter of fact, Playing the guitar is the most fun thing and you can find a whole new personality with the help of your guitar. Also, you can improve your musical abilities with the guitar. Playing guitar is not easy. It took months to learn to play guitar and to form new music with the help of the guitar. The worst thing with the guitar is that you have to hold the guitar up for playing. You can not palace your guitar down and then play. Holding up the guitar for too long can cause severe shoulder pain. That’s why most guitarists attach a strap to a guitar. If you also want to attach the strap to your guitar then you are at the right palace. Here is the complete tutorial for how to attach a guitar strap.

What Does A Guitar Strap Look Like?

There are different types of guitar straps. These straps are used according to the type of guitar that you use. For example, the guitar strap for electric guitars is wide compared to the acoustic guitar straps. Because electric guitars are heavier than other types of guitars so it requires a more stable strap. Also, these straps need to be broad so that they can not put much force on the shoulder.

How To Select The Right Guitar Straps For Yourself?

There are various materials that you can select for your guitar strap. You can customize your guitar strap according to your needs. The main work of the guitar strap is to provide support. Now you have to select the broadness of the strap. There are many different strap buttons present on the strap. These buttons help in the adjustments of the guitar straps. So make sure that you choose a much broader strap with soft material. Do not choose leather as the strap material. These are some basics that you need to focus on before buying any straps from the market.

How To Attach A Guitar Strap To Acoustic Guitar Manually?

Acoustic guitars are the most common type of guitar so most people have these. So here is the tutorial for the acoustic guitar strap attachment.

  • First, take a small piece of thread.
  • Now attach that thread on both the top and bottom side of the strap. Make sure that you look for the front and back parts of the strap.
  • Now simply tie that thread to the upper neck of the guitar.
  • On the lower part, you will see a strap pin in the guitar. This strapping is available in most guitars. So tie the next thread there.

Now your thread is attached to the guitar. So this is one of the simple ways to attach the thread to the guitar. However, you can not put much load on your guitar after that. So make sure that you do not put much pressure on the guitar. Also, you can change the guitar strap easily in this.

Attaching The Guitar Strap To The Electric Guitar

Electric guitars have the most need to attach a guitar strap. Because they are much heavier. So all electric guitars come with the space to attach the guitar straps. These prints are available in both the upper and the lower parts. So all you have to do is fix the strap in these holes. The strap also comes with some pin space. So it is very easy to attach the strap to any electric guitar. You just have to select the right startup. Do not try to attach the acoustic strap to the electric guitar. Because both have different patterns and thus both will work differently.

The Average Price Of The Guitar Straps

The guitar straps are pretty pocket friendly in the piece. These are the cheapest guitar accessories. Talking about an average price you can get the guitar straps for $7. However, the price can vary from your choice. If you choose good quality material and on the slipper and more stable strap. Then it will cost a lot. Still not too much to get out of the budget. These straps are easily available on online stores like amazon. You can easily find these in any guitar store as well.

Precautions With Guitar Straps

There are a few precautions that you have to be sure of before using a guitar strap. The guitar will stand on your shoulder with the help of these straps. Also, make sure that these are secure enough to hold the weight of the guitar. Always make sure that the guitar strap is tightly attached. Adjust the strap length according to your use. Otherwise, you will end up getting neck pain. So make sure that you have the right length strap to avoid any kind of neck injury.

There is always an adjusting area present in the strap and so you can always change the length of the strap. If your guitar does not have the guitar strap pins then you can also ace them manually. All you have to need is a screwdriver and one pin.

And you can easily fit those in both upper and lower parts. Another precaution that you will need to take is n holding the guitar. You have to hold the guitar comfortably. Make sure that you use only one position to hold the guitar. This will help you to make a stable position. And it is a very important palace for the guitar stable before playing.


In conclusion, here is how to attach the guitar strap to the guitar. Attaching is a very easy process if your guitar has strap pins. But if your guitar lacks these plans then you have to add those manually. The adding process is also easy. All the tips that you can use to attach the straps are mentioned here. So make sure that you follow all the steps. Make sure that you follow all these precautions as well. This will serve as a complete guide for you to attach your guitar strap. Hope you all will find this helpful.

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