How To Ask Oshun For Help {Spiritual Guide}

How To Ask Oshun For Help {Spiritual Guide}

Goddess Oshun is the deity of love and beauty but she is also the one who controls all the river water and the rain. Oshun is a popular goddess ins many African countries. People seek their help for many things. But the question that arises here is how to ask Oshun for help.

Here is the solution to your problem. We will issue some legit ways to get the goddess Oshun’s energy. The goddess of love is very helpful and they help those who are in need but also they punish those who do injustice and all.

You can not make her help you but you can ask her to get you her energy. So that you can go through your problem without any fear.

Basics About Goddess Oshun

Here are some basics that you should know about the goddess of love. If you want to ask her for help then you should know their favorite things. So that you can easily please her. She is a deity of love so the first thing that you need to do is greet her.

And the best way to greet is the flowers, sweets lighting a candle and taking some perfumes and all. So all these things show love towards the goddess. Also, her favorite color is yellow so it will be easy to bring some yellow flowers. 

Visit weaning yellow clothes and gold jewelry to attract the energy of the goddess. 

How To Ask For Help From Oshun {Important Tips}

African powers are no joke so if you want to please god then you have to be in the right easy. Otherwise, you might end up irritating her.

So here are some perfect tips for you to greet her and ask her for help. Make sure you try all these things and do all the things in the right way. 

#1. Bring Her Offerings

Oshun loves their children but if you are visiting her then make sure to bring her favorite offerings. It is to show your love towards her and tell her how much you know about her.

Some of the best offerings for Oshun can be:

  • cinnamon, honey
  • White candle
  • Pot of honey
  • Mirror
  • Gold ointments

#2. Prayer In The Right Way

Oshun helps with a lot of things. So if you are skiing her for help then you have to be very specific about your problem. If you are looking for a child or want to pay off debt then you have to ask her for help.

Be specific like if you want to pay off the debt then tell her when and from whom you have bought money and how you want to replay and all.

Making things more specific will help her to understand the problem and help you.

#3. Believe In Her

The most important thing is to believe in Oshun. You should have faith in her presence and her powers. If you have this thought in your mind then there is no way that she will not help her.

Believe in her and pray for her daily. And things will change in your life. It is not hard to get help from the supreme powers. All you need to have is strong faith and beliefs.

Signs That Oshun Has Helped You

Oshun is the controller of water. So if you have felt like drowning in the water both physically and mentally then you should think that you have Oshun energy around somewhere.

Also dance, bright colors and music are her signs. Water is a powerful source to remove all worries and problems. So water will be your greatest sign of help and also to feel her energy around you.


In conclusion, here is how to ask Oshun for help. You do not need to ask her for help. All you need to have is your faith in Oshun but if you want to greet her properly then here are the tips.

These tips will help you in knowing the things that Oshun loves. So you a take these things with you when you visit here to greet and for prayers.

These things attract the energy of Oshun very easily. And if you have attracted her energy then you have got her help.

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