How To Ask A Girl To Be FWB Over Text Without Any Issues

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There are many problems that a  guy faces when asking a girl for FWB. There are many questions that are in his mind before asking that.

Need to know how to ask a girl for FWB Over Text?

Nowadays relationships are getting very complicated. As a matter of fact, many people only get into relationships to have sex with each other but not fall in love. Even at some point, we all got that thought. But we should also consider that it could affect other person’s peace of mind too. That’s why people are preferring friends with benefits over serious relationships. So, today we’ll discuss how to ask a girl to be FWB over text.

We know that we can express our views more clearly over text as compared to real life. So asking her about FWB over text is always a good option. Now we’ll discuss step by step how to ask her for FWB (Friends with benefits) and also tell you about some red flags.

#1: How to start the conversation?

How to start conversation girl for boy

First of all, you have to start a conversation with her. You have to behave very casually and be friendly with her so she will feel more comfortable with you. Once she is comfortable with you now you can make your next move. Firstly you should not say things directly. You have to start giving her signs. When you will give her signs then her response will automatically tell you about her mindset and what she thinks about you.

For example, send her text messages like ” I want to meet you tonight”. By sending these types of texts you will tell her indirectly many things. If she responds to these texts in a good way then you should send her more texts like these. Remember you don’t have to go straight to the point. If you go straight to the point then most probably she will say no to you. If she shows disinterest in these types of text then you have to take some steps back. But if the response is good then go ahead.

#2. Make her clear

Conversation for girl and boy in text messages

FWB’s relationship could be complicated sometimes. So some things should be clear. You have to make her clear that you don’t want a relationship with any girl. Also, tell her that you think FWB is less complicated and much sorted than relationships these days. Tell her that you don’t want to be in a relationship and all you want now is a good friend with benefits.

Understanding her signs is the most difficult thing. Sometimes girls talk casually but it can sound like she wants that. So, firstly you should be clear about her opinion about these things this will help you to understand her better.

#3. Ask her opinion about FWB

Before making any move you have to ask about her preferences and choices. You should ask her if she wants a relationship with someone or wants to live a free life and enjoy life by having FWB. If she says that she wants to be in a serious relationship and she doesn’t like the concept of FWB then you should take your steps back. Because even if someone agrees to be FWB then she is surely going to face problems after that. You will end up hurting her even after telling her all your priorities. Many people get attached heartly and that’s where the problem begins.

But if she says that she is into FWB then this is a signal for you to make your moves. And there is a high probability that she will say yes when you will ask her for FWB.

#4. Know how to ask

Boy ask FWB to girl

If all the above steps are a checklist then this is time to ask her. Now there are higher chances that she will yes. Even after all that you should avoid going too straight. Ask her about sarcastically being FWB. If she shows disinterest then you should give her more time. But, if she flirts back with you or shows some positive signs then you’re in. It is helpful, for example, if you ask her “You believe in the FWB and I believe in it also, so what is your plan for tomorrow night?”. Pay attention here you have to say these things casually and sarcastically.

After that, if she shows interest then tell her you are serious about that and you are not joking. Then she will think again about that and most probably you’ll get a favorable response.


These all above strings attached will make you get a positive response. Just remember you have to behave friendly with her and have to make her feel comfortable. If she is not comfortable with you then your chances are 0. To build her trust in you and always behave responsibly with her. You don’t have to sound arrogant and if you did then your chances will become negligible.

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