How To Activate a New Phone On Consumer Cellular?

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Consumer cellular is a network for elderly people. they believe in an affordable and accessible to all kinds of networks. the activation process is very simple. you can do this from home too.

How To Phone Activation Process On Consumer Cellular?

Consumer cellular is a type of mobile network. This provides phone and other networking services to people older than 50 years. The main motto of this network is to make sure that everyone can access the network at an affordable price. You will need a consumer cellular phone to get all the benefits of the services.

Ordering a phone is easy but the main problem is how to activate a new phone on consumer cellular. So we will find the answer to this question here.

Basic Requirements For Activate a New Phone

Here is everything that you will need to activate a consumer cellular.

  • Activation code
  • Sim card
  • Phone
  • Your ID

prepare all these things before going for the activation process. You can go to the consumer cellular customer service centre for the activation process.

Activation process

Collect all the above-mentioned things and go to the activation centre of the consumer cellular. Then, you can show them your appropriate activation number here. The activation number is always mentioned on the back of the phone.  So just flip your phone and check the number.

Now dial *228 from your mobile phone and follow all the instructed steps one by one to activate the phone number.

If you have taken a new sim then activate the sim first to make a phone call. The procedure for activating your sim card will require that you provide your ID.

How to activate a transferred number?

You will need to go to the service centre if you have bought a new sim. But if you are transferring your old phone number into the consumer cellular phone then you will not have to go anywhere. Of course, You can able to do this online or by phone. the steps are as follows:

  • Go to the website of consumer cellular.
  • Go to my account and select the option “activate your equipment”.
  • the step by step process is mentioned there. follow all steps.

Usually, it needs an OTP and activation number to start so you do not have to do much. But if you are still facing problems then you can call the customer care service of the consumer cellular. They will do it by themself.

How much money is required for the activation process?

As I mentioned. This network believes in providing the most affordable service to its customers. Since most of the customers are above 50, the changes are also minimal. The price of the postpaid and prepaid services is low compared with others. So they do not take any activation charge in front of their customers. So the phone service activation is free on the consumer cellular network.


In conclusion, if you are buying a new phone then it is not necessary to change your sim for this network. This network is the most affordable of all. You can call their 24 hours available helpline number anytime in case of any problem. The helpline number is (888) 345-5509. So you can reach them out anytime. The sim transfer process is also available on their website. Not necessary to buy a new sim.


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