How To Access Clipboard On iPhone {Help Guide}


Whenever you copy something from the phone on your iPhone or an iPad, the clipboard automatically saves it. As your previous clipboard will be gone forever if you copy the new clipboard. There are many apps that save the past copy clipboard like copy clip. From there you can copy the previous clipboard from the menu bar. In this article, we will discuss how to access a clipboard on iPhone. This step will be easy and you can easily do it own.

You can use SwiftKey to access your clipboard

As we know, Microsoft SwiftKey is the most popular keyboard for the iPhone. Many users are using it for many years. it also suggests the number of rows, themes, and many keyboard tools. The steps are as follows-

Step-One: First of all, You need to download the SwiftKey. When it is downloaded-go to the iPhone setting, in general, and go to the keyboard option. You have to add a new keyboard. Choose the SwiftKey option and allow access to the device.

How To Access Clipboard On iPhone- Enable Allow Full Access on Iphone

Step-Two: After accessing the keyboard you have to open the Notes app. The keyboard comes up on the screen. No press the globe icon on your iPhone device and click on the SWIFTKEY option.

How To Access Clipboard On iPhone- SwiftKey

Step-Three: Copy the link or the text from the iPhone that you have saved already or before in the clipboard.

Copy the clipboard iphone

Step-Four: The user has to open any app or screen where you can open the SWIFTKEY option which has a small plus icon.

Step-Five: Now, you have to click on the clipboard icon.

Clipboard Icon

Step-Six: you have to click on the save option. Know the clipboard you have selected is saved for the lifetime in your SwiftKey keyboard.

Save Clipboard Option

Step-Seven: Then, you have to tap on the clipboard icon for inserting the text into the note area.

Clipboard texts

What is the purpose of this for Access Clipboard On iPhone?

Many people are changing their writing style or habit. Some people are also using this type of keyboard. The people who or working in a company are also using the same sentence repeatedly. They are using the Swift key clipboard and sending emails to a large number of people for a few clicks.

There are many apps you can use to save the clipboard. Some of the clipboard apps*

1. Clipboard grabber- It directly saves the entire test by just opening the app. You just have to select the clipboard and copy it there. 

2. Clips board – In this, you have to open the app and then save your current copy text into their clipboard. You can just save your clipboard with just one click. You can also copy text from there why just one clicking. 

3. Clip border- This app also saves your keyboard by just opening the app. It also saves your time.

We have also discussed various type of clipboard app which helps you to save your clipboard for future use. You have to also keep in mind that the third-party app should not have your information. Always see that the copy text is correctly inserted from this app.

This app also allows users to paste the text by just clicking on it without having the clipboard deleted again and again. Follow the above step to use this feature and saves your time.

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