How Should You Hold A Handgun For Maximum Accuracy?

How Should You Hold A Handgun For Maximum Accuracy

If you want to shoot with accuracy with the handgun then you should know the art of holding the handgun. No matter how good you shoot. If you are not doing it right. You will face problems in shooting on the accurate spot. So here is the guide on how should you hold a handgun for maximum accuracy. 

The shooter needs to shoot in the right place. And it is not important to shoot only once. You have to shoot in the same spot for more than one round. For this holding the gun in the right spot is essential. Here are tips to do this and how it can affect the shooting style and all.

Mastering Handgun Accuracy: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Perfect Grip

A Solid grip is the foundation of handgun accuracy. A proper grip not only enhances your control over the firearm but also mitigates recoil, allowing for quicker follow-up shots.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to achieving the perfect handgun grip:

#1. Dominant Hand Positioning

  • Start by holding the handgun with your dominant hand. Your strong hand should form a “C” shape, with your thumb and index finger forming the top and your other fingers wrapping around the grip.
  • Place the webbing between your thumb and index finger high up on the backstrap of the grip.

#2. Support Hand Placement

  • Bring your non-dominant hand up to meet your dominant hand. Your support hand’s fingers should fill the gaps left by your dominant hand, creating a two-handed grip.
  • Ensure your support hand covers as much of the grip as possible without interfering with the dominant hand’s fingers.

#3. Finger Placement

  • Keep your trigger finger straight and off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. It should rest against the frame of the handgun.
  • Your other fingers should be positioned comfortably around the grip. Avoid squeezing too tightly, as this can lead to fatigue and decreased accuracy.

#4. Thumb Placement

  • Your support hand’s thumb should sit alongside your dominant hand’s thumb, forming a solid, unified grip.
  • Point both thumbs forward, parallel to the slide of the handgun. Avoid wrapping your support hand’s thumb around the back of the grip, as it can disrupt recoil management.

#5. Slight Tilt

  • Angle your handgun slightly forward, with the front sight slightly higher than the rear sight. This slight tilt aids in controlling recoil and aligning your sights accurately.

3 Methods That Helps To Hold A Handgun For Maximum Accuracy

Here are some methods that a person can use to hold the handgun with maximum accuracy. If you will follow these then you will be able to get a good grip on the gun.

#1. Isosceles Stance Method

This is the most common form to hold the handgun for accuracy.

  1. In this, the person has to extend the area in such a form that they create a triangle.
  2. The arms will be in the direction where the target is located.
  3. The feet of the shooter should be apart to a minimum distance for the gap between the shoulders.
  4. This will provide more stability to the shooter. And the grip from this posture is strong as well.

#2. Weaver Stance

It is another position that makes the grip strong on the handgun. Here the shooter will have a bend in the elbow. The non-dominant foot of the shooter will be outwards. The other supporting arm will be bent a little and the dominant hand should pull back a little.

This is the best position only for you matter this. Because it took time to take this position. And you clean this by doing continuous practice only. 

#3. Advance Weaver Stance

It is similar to the weaver’s stance but with a little modification.

  1. Here the arms are a little forward and bent than the previous position.
  2. And there will be a bend in the knees for stability.
  3. Hence this position provides more grip on the floor and the gun.
  4. This can be learned easily compared to the weaver’s stance.

So all these positions can help in making a good grip on the guns. You can practice any of the following according to your suitability. This was for how should you hold a handgun for maximum accuracy.

Things To Keep In Mind While Making The Grip On The Handgun

There are a few things that you should consider while using the handgun. And if you are practising for the grip then these things will make more sense to you.

  1. If you are new to learning how to use the handgun. Then you should do vigorous practice. Because making a grip is not easy. And it is the first step to learning shooting. If you do not know how to hold the gun properly how you will shoot on the target?
  2. Do not practice more than one gripping position. Various positions allow for the best grip. But do not practice all at once try to master one position and then move on to the other. Otherwise, you will become confused.
  3. Learn front the mistakes of others. You will have other people around you. Observe them and avoid the mistakes that they are making. This will help you in boosting your perforce. Because observing can help you in learning the position.
  4. Hold the gun with dry hands. Make sure that you do not have any moisturizer on your hands. This will loosen the grip of a handgun.
  5. Focus more on the grip than the target. If you have a strong grip then you will shoot at the right target automatically.
  6. So your focus should be more on the grip than on the target. 


In conclusion, Here is how should you hold a handgun for maximum accuracy. There are a few this that you can use to make the grip strong on the gun. These tips include some positions. These positions ensure the best possible grip on any handgun. So make sure that you learn about the grips before start learning the shooting itself. 

Try to practice as much as you can with these positions. Because it is hard to take a position in no time. But with proper practice, you will be able to do that.

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