How Often Do Cops Show Up For Traffic Court?

How Often Do Cops Show Up For Traffic Court

How Often Do Cops Show Up For Traffic Court?

They visit court when they are being called by the defendants.

Going to traffic courts is scary in itself. You might have a bad situation only then you will end up going to the traffic court. Most of the cases end by paying a fine for the mistake that you might have made while driving. But you will never see a traffic police in the court. It is very rare to see them. Because they appear in the court only for special cases. So here is how often cops show up for traffic court. Some events trigger the visit of traffic police to the court.

Here we will try to know about such factors. Because it will help you to understand those cases that require the traffic police in court. 

Why Do Traffic Police Not Go To The Court?

There are various reasons for them to not go into the courts. Although they visit there. But only if they are being called by the court via a notice.

So that’s the reason why they do not cost the court.

  1. The main duty of a traffic police is to cut the tickets of the person. And if you have done something illegal then they will give you a ticket. And there are high chance that you will be in court with your ticket to pass that.
  2. There are a larger number of tickets that are given by the traffic police. And there is no surety when the person will visit the court. So the cops cannot go with every victim.
  3. The duty of the traffic police changed from here and there. So they are not permanent in one place. Their duty changes. And they can’t sit on the court. Because sometimes the distance from the court is very large. 

Reason For The Traffic Cops To Show Up In Court

Here are some common reasons for the traffic police to show up in court.

#1. Mandatory Appearance

In many jurisdictions, law enforcement officers are required to appear in traffic court when the citation they issued is contested by the driver. This mandatory appearance ensures that the officer can provide their testimony and evidence to support the traffic violation.

However, the extent to which officers are required to appear can vary by location and the seriousness of the violation.

#2. Nature Of The Violation

The nature of the traffic violation can also play a significant role in whether a cop will appear in traffic court. For more serious offenses, such as driving under the influence (DUI) or reckless driving, officers are generally more likely to attend court hearings.

Because of the potential legal consequences and the need to provide evidence and testimony.

#3. Defendant’s Request

In some cases, defendants may specifically request the presence of the officer who issued the citation. This request can be made for various reasons, such as to question the accuracy of the officer’s observations or to challenge the citation’s validity.

When a defendant requests the officer’s presence, it increases the likelihood that the officer will show up for the hearing.

Factors Affecting the Visit Of Traffic Police In the Courtroom

Certain factors may affect the visit of a traffic police officer to the court.

Those are those factors.

  1. If the court judge denies the defendant’s request to call the traffic police in the court. The court judge has all rights to cancel the request of the defendant. And they do this as well.
  2. The traffic police schedule is very hectic. Their posting is not fixed in one place. So if they are away from the courtroom on their duty then the course visiting affects them.
  3. If traffic police officers are on holiday then they can not visit the court in that time frame.
  4. If a traffic police officer is on medical leave then the court can cancel the request of the defendant to present the cop in court. Because most of their work ends at the time when they cut the ticket for the defendant.

All these factors can affect the visit of a cop in the courtroom. Traffic police are the cops that come to court very often. Because they do not need to come with every victim.


In conclusion, Here is how often do cops show up for traffic court. Traffic police visit the court in special circumstances only. And mostly when they’re being called by the defendant however the court judge has all rights to cancel this request of the defendant.

One traffic policy cuts more than 20-30 tickets daily. Now they can’t visit with the ticket they cut. And explain to the court why they did that. So the work of a traffic police as soon as they cut the ticket. 

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