How Much Does It Cost To Restore Gun Rights?

How Much Does It Cost To Restore Gun Rights

If you possess a firearm then you have to keep that with safety. Because it is very difficult to restore firearm rights. But have you ever wondered how much does it cost to restore gun rights? Always remember that you can not do this process alone. 

You have to hire an experienced attorney for this purpose. Otherwise, the chances of getting the rights back will decrease.

Here is the complete guide about how you can take the rights back, what is the process, and how much money you need. If you’re looking for similar suggestions that you are great the proper palace. 

In What Cases The Gun Rights Taken Back

Different countries and states have different rules for gun rights. The state government does not give gun rights to anyone. You have to go through a series of events to get those rights. But if you show oms criminal behavior.  Or someone harms because of your licensed gun.

Then the government immediately took all the rights from the person. You have to pay the penalty and you can even go to jail for this. But it is not impossible to get the rights back. If you think that you wan innocent then you can apply for the run restoring rights with the help of your attorney.

Time Required To Restore The Gun Rights

There is no specific time to restore gun rights. Because every case is different and has a different story. But if you want to get an idea then you can look into similar case stories and then you will get an idea. However, if your case is simple then you can restore the rights within a few months.

But in most cases, it can take a year to restore the rights. Hence the time to restore the rights depends on a lot of factors like your case, paperwork, your crime, and the attorney that you have selected.

How Much Does It Cost To Restore The Gun Rights?

Here is the breakdown of the total cost that you will require to restore gun rights. This breakdown will help you in estimating the total required cost of the case.

  1. A watch report is a must-have to obtain gun rights. You have to prepare this report. And this report will be given in court and to the lawyer as well.
  2. It can be prepared cheaply.  The maximum you will spend to prepare this report will be $20.
  3. After that, you have to fill out the application form and then submit it in a copy. There is no fee for filling the form but there is submitting fee. That fee is around $250.
  4. However, this price can be different from state to state. So do not consider this price a fixed price. 
  5. Now, the big cost will come with hiring an attorney. The attorney usually charges for the paperwork and the court hearings.
  6. These types of cases have many hearings. If your case is complicated then the fee of the attorneys will be high.
  7. And if you will hire an experienced attorney then the fee will be high too. On average the fee of the attorney lies between $1500-$4000.

You can choose the attorney according to your budget. So this will be the total expense that you have to spend to get the flights back. There will be some small other expenses like document work, travel and all. This will be your total for the run right restoration case.

Tips To Hire An Attorney For The Gun Restoration Rights

Here are some tips that you can use to hire the best attorney for your case. Because the attorney will eventually decide the path of your case. So even if it is a bit expensive try to get the best attorney possible.

  1. Never hire a new attorney for your case. Make sure that you check their experience and background
  2. Ask them to show similar cases to you.
  3. Do not trust one attorney. Go and talk with different attorneys.  This will help you understand the situation of our case.
  4. Choose the most promising attorney.
  5. Never pay the full amount to the attorney at once before the case. Make sure to give a small payment in advance and the rest should be given after the case.


In conclusion, here is how much does it cost to restore gun rights. Here is the detailed price breakdown for your case. The final price may be different for some people. It is because several factors play a role in decking the money for the case. Like the case itself, the attorney, and the paperwork. Every case is a different story. So you cannot compare the price of your case with the price of another person’s case.

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