How Much Does Baskin Robbins Pay?

How Much Does Baskin Robbins Pay

Baskin robbinsWant to know how much does baskin robbins pay then this article will answer all your questions. Here is the salary structure of Baskin robins for different posts. Baskin robins pay a fair amount to their employees according to their work and the work environment is good and safe there. That’s why Baskin robin jobs are always in high demand. However, you will not get any paid leave or salary raise here.

How much do Baskin robbins pay?

Baskin Robbins are among the most popular brands of ice cream. They have stores worldwide. Due to many stores, they have the work opportunity as well. You can get a job at Baskin Robbins, but you must fulfil specific criteria. But these criteria come with every brand. According to surveys, it has shown that the employees of Baskin robins are satisfied with their compensation and the work environment.

This makes Baskin Robbins the first choice for everyone. you will see many different paying jobs at Baskin. But the main question that arises here is how much Baskin robbins pay. Here is the answer to that question. So if you are looking forward to working with Baskin Robbins then you should read this.

Different demanding jobs at Baskin robbins

Many job titles pay well at Baskin robbins. And these jobs are always in demand. Because of the salary and the other work benefits. Here is the list of such jobs.

  • Supervisor
  • Cake decorator
  • Lead Cashier
  • Customer success manager
  • Promoter

All of these are very demanding posts at Baskin robbins. However other posts also pay well here. The salary of a Baskin robin depends on your work here. Also, different jobs have different criteria. Some require degrees while some posts require only relevant field experience. There are many jobs are available but you have to check the job description first before applying. This way you will reduce your chance of rejection at Baskin robbins.

Average hourly rate at baskin robbins

Here is the description of both the lowest paying job and highest paying job at Baskin robbins. Some of the jobs pay according to hour base while some of the jobs get paid on a weekly and monthly basis. Because of the demand for different jobs, the salary structure has been set by the basin robins.

1) Guest Service Agent-

If you are looking for a part-time job then this job is best for you. Most college students do this job to earn some money on baskin robbins. All you should have is polite behaviour. And you can earn tips here too. The average salary for the guest service agent is $18. As a matter of fact, baskin robbins pay the amount that depends upon the job role.  However, there is no pay raise in this job post.

2) Brand Promoter-

A brand hires at least one or two brand promoters to promote their business. The sale of a brand depends on these promotions. So, if you are a company that promotes the brand then you will get an average of $400 per week from Baskin robbins. Your previous work and the company’s value will matter here a lot. So, make sure that you show your best work so that they will hire you.

3) Counter Worker-

This job is very simple all you have to do is take orders. You should be good at remembering the orders. Your communication skills matter here a lot. Do not show anger toward the customers. You have to be neutral in every situation. The salary at Baskin Robbins pay depends on the work that you will do. The salary at baskin robbins depends on the. So if you are doing the counter work then you will get $8. But you do not need any degree or experience for this job. So if you are a fresher and looking for some job experience it is best for you. Because then you can use this experience with other job interviews.

4) Manager-

Being a manager means lots of work responsibility. So, this is the highest paying job at Baskin robbins. You need to have a degree in hotel management or some other course. So that you can manage a store employee. You have to deal with customers and the staff as well. You have to look forward to increasing the store value. So a manager post has lots of work to do. That’s why the salary of the manager here is very good. You should have good communication skills and it is better if you know some other languages too. A manager receives $90,000 per year.

5) Ice Cream Maker And Cake Decorator-

Both work and receives the same salary. Baskin robbins have a unique recipe. So you have to follow the recipe and your ice cream will be ready. But still, you should have experience in this job. You also have to perform sample work in your interview. So try your best and read the job requirements well. You have the choice to work your desired shift here. The Baskin robbins pay the salary for these posts is $13 per hour.

Demerits of working at Baskin robbins

Not every job is perfect. Every job has some bad side and a good side. So along with the good salary structure and the good working environment. Here are some demerits of working at Baskin robbins. You will get no paid leave here. Some of the brands give paid leave to their workers. But since most of the students work at Baskin robins and do not stay for a long time. So there is no paid leave system at Baskin robbins. The salary raise is minimal. Most of the time workers do not get a salary raise. If you are on higher posts there are chances that you will get a salary raise. lowest-paying jobs do not get a salary raise.

However, you will receive the bonus and all during the festive season. So these are all the demerits that you have to face if you start working at Baskin robbins.


In conclusion, here is how much Baskin robbins pay their employees. Baskin Robbins pays a fair amount according to the work. If you have a minimal working job like the order taker then your salary will be less. You will get some high digits salary if you have a job as a manager or sales representative. Make sure that you read the job description before applying. Because most of the time your request is denied became you could not meet the job requirements. If you know someone who works at Baskin Robbins then try to talk to him about the interview process and all. because you have to give an interview in almost every post at Baskin robbins.

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