How Much Does An Easement Cost?

How Much Does An Easement Cost

An easement is a contract that is between a company and the owner of the property. In this contract, a person lends some part of his property for some work. Like as laying pipelines, mobile towers, and more. The company gives a specific Amount to that person. And this happens for a certain time. When the time comes the company can renew the contract with the the property owner. Here is the guide for how much does an easement cost. This will help you get more details about this project.

You will need an attorney for this purpose and remember the contract period in this process is long. It is not like they will give a 5-year contract. The contract will be long. Because the money in the easement agreement is also high. Here is more on this topic.

Types Of Easements

There are different types of easements used in the contract between a company and a property owner. If you are agreeing with a company for an easement contract you should know about these. Here are different types of easements.

Utility Easement

The utility company utilizes the property of a person. The best example of this is to use a property for pipelines, gas lines, mobile towers, and more. Here the agreement happens between the company and the owner. And most of the time the owner of the property is a municipality corporation or a city. Because all these things require a large area.

Private Easement

Here a person can use a property for their use. For example, if there is a pond in a neighbor’s house. Then the person can make an easement agreement with the neighbor and then use its pond.

But this can only happen for a certain time. After that, the property owner has all rights to dismiss the agreement.

Easement By Necessity

This is an intense form of easement agreement. Here the owner and the utiliser need to sign a written contract. The other two types have an option to sign or not sign the contractor.

But here a written contract will be present. The best example of this contract is when a neighbor uses the driveway of a person. 

Factors Affecting the Easement Amount

Certain factors play an important role in deciding the price of an easement contract. The price will depend on these factors a lot.

Here is the list of such factors affecting easement:

  1. The type of easement contract. If it is a utility easement then the price will be high. Because a company needs large areas for this. And to use that area they have to pay off a huge amount.
  2. In the case of a private easement, there are high chance that you might not have to pay anything. Because sometimes we let others use our things. So most of the time there is no money. And if there is money in this contract then it is the least. Because the utiliser will not pay for the sources that he is using.
  3. In the case of easement by necessity, the money that a person has to give depends on the other person. Because the owner of a property will decide the final money. If it is a fair price then the utiliser will accept it otherwise utiliser has all rights to decline the offer.

How Much Does An Easement Cost {Average Price}

Talking about an average price then you are able up to $3000 from the easement. But this price is not mixed it will decrease and increase based on the above factors.

Talking about a personal utility easement then this price is something that you can get very easily. However, the more will be the price. So you can’t fix one amount for this.


In conclusion, here is the answer for how much does an easement cost question. The price depends on a lot of different factors and the type of easement. There are few easements where you can even bargain for the price. While some easement you have to take a fixed amount if you agree with the deal.

Here is the guide that will help you to explain all these things. So you have to consider a lot of different things while considering an easement contract.

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